Instagram Launches Broadcast Channels + Your Latest Dose Of Social Media News

Discover everything you need to know about Instagram’s new Broadcast Channels and all the other social media news you might have missed.

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Are you a creator or brand looking to deepen your connection with your audience? Instagram’s brand new Broadcast Channels feature is an exciting new way to build and foster an engaged following on social media. 

But the key to getting the most out of this social media update is to learn how the feature works and how you can harness it effectively.

So you don’t miss a beat, we’ve rounded up a bunch of new updates from Instagram’s new Broadcast Channels to TikTok’s new Sounds for Business, as well as news that LinkedIn’s feed getting a makeover and new ad options for Pinterest. 



Instagram introduces Broadcast Channels as a way for creators to connect with their audience

Mark Zuckerberg took to Instagram Stories to announce a new broadcast chat feature that gives creators and brands an opportunity to share images and messages with their followers on Instagram. 

Broadcast channels are a public, one-to-many messaging tool for brands and creators to connect with their followers. Since this is a one-to-many relationship, followers can read and react to messages but they won’t be able to reply. 

messaging channel  messaging tool

Currently broadcast channels are being tested out with a select number of creators but you can join Instagram’s waitlist to request early access. 

Once you have access to broadcast channels you can create your own by heading to their Instagram inbox. Once you send your first broadcast channel message your followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. 

When your channel is live, you can pin the channel link to your profile or share a ‘join channel’ sticker in your Stories. Creators also have the option to create a broadcast channel for paid subscribers for more exclusive content.

join channel sticker

If you’re a brand or creator looking to take advantage of Broadcast Channels once they’re fully available you can use this to give your followers updates about your brand, tease upcoming projects and launches, and gather feedback from your audience on anything relating to your brand. 

This can help you make deeper connections with your core audience and inform decisions about your products or services by gathering real-time feedback

TikTok adds new ‘Sounds for Business’ audio options for brands

We all know how essential sounds and music are on TikTok from original sounds to trending audios. In fact, 68% of TikTok users say that the brand’s videos featuring a popular song on the platform make them remember the brand better and 62% say they’re more likely to learn more about the brand. 

Business accounts on TikTok have been limited in their music choices with some audios not being commercially cleared for use. But, that’s all changing soon with TikTok’s new Sounds for Business tool which hosts a collection of free-to-use audios to go along with videos. 

TikTok is partnering with Elias Audio Branding, a subsidiary of Universal Production Music to create a collection of custom sounds and templates to make creating content even easier. 

Available through TikTok’s Commercial Music Library, this will include a mix of music, voice-overs, and other directional sound cues. Brands will be able to use these sounds in organic and paid content to engage with new audiences, showcase products, and more. 

These sounds are already cleared for commercial use on TikTok so brands don’t have to go through a complicated process of obtaining (or paying for) a license to use the sounds. 

LinkedIn adds new visual display elements to profiles

LinkedIn wasn’t launched as a visual-first platform. But, that’s all going to change with LinkedIn announcing they are adding new display elements to make user profiles more visually appealing

LinkedIn adds new visual display elements to profiles

As you can see in the image, whether you’re displaying images, videos, newsletters, or articles the activity section on your LinkedIn profile is getting a makeover with new visual elements. 

This update is likely due to the shift from text-based communication to visual-based communication happening across every social media platform. It’s no surprise that LinkedIn is jumping on the train!

Pinterest’s new Premier Spotlight Ads has begun testing 

In the wonderful world of Pinterest, they have begun alpha testing new advertising products that give brands a more exclusive position to advertise. The Premier Spotlight ad placement will position the brand’s ad at the top of the screen on the Pinterest search page.

Pinterest’s new Premier Spotlight Ads

According to TechCrunch, Premier Spotlight allows brands to have prime real-estate positioning on the platform for 24 hours. This would allow brands to reach an entirely new audience if they haven’t previously seen the brand’s ad because they weren’t the main target audience. 

Brands could book ads back-to-back to hold the top advertising spot for longer than 24 hours and the new ad format will feature Pinterest’s max-width video format. Alongside the video, there will be a Visit Site CTA where shoppers are taken to the brand’s website directly through the Pinterest app. 

pinterest ad

It’s likely that this new ad feature comes as many Pinterest users spend more time on the search page than in the home feed. Pinterest users aren’t exactly looking for specific products or services but rather using the search page to make general inquiries. 

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