Taking Your Instagram Business To The Next Level

Today we’re sharing five things you can do to take your Instagram business to the next level. Increase sales and build brand trust with these tips!

Starting off a new Instagram business can be super daunting, but once you’ve taken the leap o’ faith and gained a following of solid fans it all becomes really exciting.

But what do you do when you are making money with Instagram, feeling good about using Instagram for business, but want to take it to the next level?

Well that is the *perfect* time to stumble upon this blog post! Hurrah!



Today we’re going to tackle a few things that you should look into upgrading if you are ready to level up your new Instagram business profile.

Let’s hop to it!

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5 Ways to Take Your Instagram Business to the Next Level

Set Up Link.tree

One way that you can start levelling up your Instagram business account today is by setting up a Linktr.ee account. This handy dandy tool will allow you to host multiple links in your Instagram bio so that you don’t have to constantly switch out your precious website link every time you go to promote something new.

You can *even* upgrade to the paid version of Linktr.ee and use it to jazz up your link with custom colors and you’ll even get insights like how many people have clicked on your links. Handy dandy right?!

Create an Email List Opt-In

Now that you’ve grown your Instagram following and have started attracting an awesome audience, it’s time to move them over to somewhere you can chat to them on-demand.

Y’know, like in their email inbox!

To get your mitts on the email addresses of your Instagram followers you’ll need to give them something valuable in return. It could be a gift voucher for their first purchase, a discount code for their first purchase, a helpful e-book with valuable tips or even a video you’ve filmed going through your area of expertise.

You can set up an email list with a tool like Mailchimp or even Convertkit if you are feeling fancy!

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Invest in Professional Photography

Now I know you may have been getting away with iPhone shots for a while now but it is always nice to see a business on Instagram that invests in their photography.

Your profile picture, head shots and stock images should look absolutely schmick if you want to level up your Instagram business. Head on out there and find a photographer based on their reviews and/or recommendations.

Trust us when we say, your audience want to get to know *you* – that cute little face behind the screen!

The Ultimate Strategy Guide
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Dive into Instagram Advertising

Okay so you are in the big leagues.

Or at the very least, a bigger league than the one you were in when you first started your Instagram business.

I’m sure you know what the big scary (but wonderful) step is now, right?

The oh-so fabulous world of Instagram advertising, that is what!

There are Instagram newsfeed ads, Instagram Stories ads and if you are feeling fancy, Facebook ads with Instagram lookalike audiences that you can try to give your brand a bit of a boost.

(But please don’t boost Instagram or Facebook posts, trust me on this one!!)

We’d recommend hiring an expert to either:

1. Set up and manage your ads for you OR

2. Teach you how to set up and manage your ads

Depending on your budget you can choose between those options.

For some very beginner tips take a peek at our blog post about getting started with Instagram ads.

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Download the Plann app

Having a nifty Instagram scheduling and strategy app by your side is the perfect way to take your Instagram business profile to the next level – if I do say so myself!

With the Plann app you’ll be able to:

1. Review your best performing content

2. Schedule and preview Instagram grid posts

3. Schedule multiple Instagram Stories at once

4. Edit photos with professional quality filters

5. Much more!

Wahoo! You’ve made it aaall the way to the end of this mighty info-packed blog post.

Now is the time to pick out which of these things you want to do and go after them with full force! For more helpful Instagram and business tips come on back to the Plann blog anytime.