How to Reach Out to Brands and Actually Hear Back

Thinking about working with brands as an influencer? Discover how to build brand partnerships with brands as an influencer.

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If you’re trying to build your personal brand or business and want to work with brands, you need to know how to effectively reach out to them and get them on board with your idea.

In this article, you’ll learn how to reach brands effectively and get their responses – even the big ones!

Why Partnering with Brands is Good for Business

There are many reasons why you should reach out to brands. Let’s review some of the most important reasons.

1. Brands want to reach your audience

Brands need to reach more people to sell their products and services, which is what social media marketing is all about. And you’ll be the one to make it happen through influencer collaboration.

You won’t do this stuff for free. Creating sponsored content is one of the sure ways to make some cash on a social media platform (like Instagram or TikTok).



2. You get to work with your favorite brands


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Working with your favorite brands is one perk of being an influencer or small business that collaborates with others. Through teamwork, you’ll also get easier access to their products. This scenario wouldn’t be possible if you were going to wait for your go-to brands to notice you.

3. You can make money from your social media content

One of the biggest benefits of prioritizing outreach to brands is this: they can be a lucrative source of income for your influencer or content creation business.

Building partnerships with brands big and small can allow you to earn income from the content you create, whether you’re a blogger, influencer or content creator.

Reach Them Using Pitch Emails


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In simplest terms, pitch emails are what you’ll send to brands if you want to work with them. And these should include the following:

• An enticing subject line.

• A brief introduction that makes you stand out while highlighting why you love the brand.

• A verified analytics report of your platform.

• Media kit that shows your bio, social stats, demographic, and blog or website.

• Your proposed rate for collaboration.

• Call to action and next steps.

5 Email-Writing Tips When Pitching to Brands

Want to send an email that’s worthy of a response? From building a media kit to doing your research about what brands are looking for, here are five of our top tips to write a pitch email that wins business.

1. Make it About Your Followers

This will show the brand that there is a perfect match between them and your following. You can even provide screenshots of your followers and audience insights on Instagram to showcase the size, location and demographics of your followers on social media.

2. Be Specific About Why You Like the Brand


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As previously mentioned, you’ll need to include why you love the brand in your pitch email. More importantly, you’ll need to be specific about it. For example, you can quickly review the products they offer and the services they provide and explain what you love about them.

In your email, it’s essential to be enthusiastic and passionate about the specific brands you want to work with. What do you love about their mission and vision? What campaigns have resonated with you, and why? What makes them stand out from their competitors?

3. Be Timely

Remember that seasons, like Mother’s Day, Holidays, and Father’s Day, are crucial to marketers. Make sure to mention that you’re available to collaborate on these dates on your pitch to up your chances of hearing back from them.

Considering how your campaign is timely to their preferred seasons, you’ll have an increased opportunity for them to put you on their calendar.

4. Offer Something in Return

When reaching out to brands, remember that brands are also thinking about what they’ll get from the collaboration. Sure, you’re offering more audience and greater market reach. However, it has to be measurable enough for brands to consider you.

Discuss tracking ROI or Return on Investment in your pitch. Brands and their marketers measure a campaign’s success through likes, comments, site traffic, and, most importantly, the product sold. Make sure to get on the same page with them regarding tracking these.

Plus, make sure you’re clear about what kinds of posts you can create for this brand in your email (from Reels to blog posts and beyond).

5. Find the Right Contact 

Once you’re ready with your pitch email and have considered the tips above, you want to send it to the right person. Some ways you can find the right contact are the following:

• Go to LinkedIn’s people tab and look for people with PR, Influencer Marketing, or Collaborations in their job title.

• Contact the company’s marketing team if you can’t find specific people on LinkedIn.

• Send a direct message to the brand’s social media account and ask who their contact person is.

After finding the right person to talk to, make sure to address them by their name. Doing this shows your attention to detail and can make you stand out among other influencers.

Even if you’re working from email templates, sending your email to the right person shows they you’ve done your research and have taken the time to narrow down which brands to work with on social media.

Ready to Reach Out to Brands?

Now it’s time to put this new knowledge into action and send a pitch email that deserves a response from your dream brands. The more time you put into preparing for your pitch and knowing your worth as an influencer, micro-influencer, or small business owner, the better collaborations you will receive.

Most importantly, to be every brand’s ideal Instagram influencer, you’d need to engage your audience consistently. Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Plann to schedule your social media posts, and never worry about forgetting to publish your content.


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