How To Find Reels Audio on Instagram

Take your Reels to the next level with our guide to finding trending audio on Instagram.

Lauren Melnick
6 minutes read

Do you need help finding a *specific* trending audio for your next Reel? 

Welcome. You’re in the right place.

The solution to your woes? Mastering Instagram’s search functionality and using trend reports to your advantage.

In this article, learn how to find the exact Reels audio you’re looking for (even when you only remember a handful of lyrics).

…But that’s not all.

You’ll also learn tips for Reels to gain exposure for your brand and stop followers in their scrolling tracks.


How To Search for Trending Reels Audio on Instagram

What’s the fuss around finding a trending sound?

Trending audio is a powerful way to boost the visibility of your Reels in the Instagram algorithm. Not only does the inclusion of audio help to make your Reels more dynamic and engaging, but it makes it easier for new users to discover your brand on Instagram

By harnessing trending audio on your next Reel, you can:

• Expand your reach and organic visibility on Instagram

• Drive deeper engagement from viewers (and turn them into loyal fans or customers) 

• Tap into the brand-building power of trending Reels topics and formats

Now you’ve discovered why trending audio is important, its time to start adding it to your upcoming Instagram Reels content

Here’s how you can use Instagram’s search functionality to make sure you’re using sounds that’ll boost your views and maximize your exposure.

Search for an Audio Track on the Explore Page: Best for Finding Original Sounds

The easiest way to find a specific Reels audio (voiceover or music) is with the search function on the Explore Page.

Step 1: Open Instagram and tap on the “search” icon to open the Explore Page.

Best for Finding Original Sounds : Step 1

Step 2: Type in a keyword for the track you want to find.

Best for Finding Original Sounds : Step 2

Step 3: Tap on the “search” icon for the keyword, select the audio tab and tap on the desired track.

Best for Finding Original Sounds : Step 3

Step 4: Preview the audio, save it for later, or tap “use now” to start creating your Reel.

Best for Finding Original Sounds : Step 4

Browse The Instagram Reels Library: Best for Finding Music


When creating a Reel, you have access to an entire music library. When the feature launched, it didn’t have much functionality, but it’s evolved into one of the best ways to find sounds for Reels.

The library is synced with your Instagram algorithm to curate a list of trending songs you’d like, lets you browse popular songs by genre, and has a featured tab for trending sounds.

But there is a catch.

You can’t browse original sounds, only saved ones. The Reels library only includes music from artists.

To search for a song in the Instagram Reels library, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Reels tab and tap on the “music note” icon.

Best for Finding Music : Step 1

Step 2: Type your artist name or song title in the search bar.

Best for Finding Music : Step 2

Step 3: Browse the results, preview songs, and add your final choice to your Reel.

Best for Finding Music : Step 3

Tip: If you have an Instagram business account, you’ll have limited access to music in the Reels library due to copyright restrictions.

Grab The Trend Report

Want to save time finding trending songs? Check out the Reels Trend Report.

The @creators account shares a roundup of the latest sounds taking over Reels every Friday. 

On each slide, Instagram describes the trend, how to jump on it, and pro tips for creating an engaging Reel.

Grab the trend


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Instagram’s @Creators (@creators)

The only downside?

The audio is reaching its peak by the time the Trend Report comes out. You’ll miss the wave as the sound becomes popular.

What does that mean? You might not gain as much exposure as you’ll be competing with more creators.

Psst.. want access to even more trending pieces of audio? Check out Plann’s weekly wrap-up of the top trending sounds from the week

How to Find a Reels Audio When You Don’t Know The Name

We’ve all been there.

There’s a song or original audio you want to use but you can’t remember the title or artist.

You only remember a handful of random lyrics or have no idea what to search on Instagram.

The solution?

1. Google what lyrics you do remember.

2. Go to TikTok and type in some of the original audio into the search bar.

3. Check the Spotify Viral TikTok playlist.

Chances are, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Once you have it, return to Instagram and use the search options above or create original audio by importing the sound.

Tips for Using Instagram Reels Audio 

Choose an Audio That Fits Your Brand and Audience

Only some Reels trends will work for your brand.

Here’s why.

If you can’t relate the trend to something in your industry or your brand personality, it will feel left-field for your audience.

Let’s say you run a small bakery.

You want to create a Reel to showcase your new cake message service. If it’s on brand for your brand to have a spicy, humorous voice, using Doja Cat’s song “Get Into It” is a good choice.

On the other hand, if your brand is more sophisticated, it might not work as well. So keep your brand’s personality and target audience in mind when selecting which sounds or trends to jump on.

Find Sounds Gaining Popularity

Want to catch the wave of a trend before it crashes? Read on.

The trick to maximizing your exposure on Instagram Reels is to find sounds gaining popularity.

For example, if an audio has 500,000 Reels, it’s a crowd. There’s a high chance users are sick of hearing the sound, which will reduce the likelihood of someone watching, liking, commenting, and sharing your Reel.

The sweet spot is to hop on a trend early enough that it’s still fresh to the majority of users. 

How do you identify a rising sound?

• There’s some traction on the sound e.g. 10k reels and you can see an upwards arrow on the audio on Instagram (indicating its growing in popularity).

• It’s popping off on TikTok (the trends often start there and then go to Instagram).

• You’ve noticed the sound appearing more on your Reels feed.

As an early adopter, you’ll see more engagement on your Reels and increase your chances of growing your following and boosting your view count. 

Find Trending Instagram Sounds with Plann

Ready to take the hassle out of discovering trending audios? Sign up for a 7-day trial of Plann Pro today, and let us do the research for you.

Inside your workspace, you’ll find the latest for Reels and TikTok videos, helping you create your next viral video in minutes.

Head to “New Post Ideas”, click on “Trending Audio”, and voila!

Plann Trending Instagram Sound

Congrats! You’ve saved yourself from hours of research and scrolling.




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