8 Creative Strategies To Get More Views On Your Reels

Feel like you’re not using Reels to its full potential to increase your Instagram visibility? These tips will Reely take it to the next level!


Lauren Melnick
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Looking for Instagram Reels strategies to turn your videos into viral masterpieces?

You’re in the right place!

Reels are the best way to grow your Instagram account and snag a spot on the covered Explore Page.

Once you do, your view and follower count skyrockets, making it easy to hit the 5-figure following milestone and attract your niche to your account.

Ready to Reel yourself onto the Instagram Explore Page? Here are some of the best ways to increase your Instagram Reels views count.

8 Creative Instagram Reels Strategies

Besides creating engaging content, posting consistently, and sharing your Reels to your Stories, here are some other strategies you can use.

Use Trending Sounds 


Want to go viral on Instagram Reels? Hop onto those trending sounds.

When lots of users interact with a particular sound, the Instagram algorithm takes note and adds more of the same videos to their feed.

This boosts your chances of gaining more views and potentially a couple of new followers.

Not sure what’s trending? Check out how many people have used a sound and how many views it’s getting by tapping on it at the bottom of any Reel.



Put Your Niche Twist on Trends


Speaking of trends, don’t create the exact same Reel as someone else.

One of the best Instagram Reel strategies to increase your views is to put a niche twist onto a Reel.

For example, there is a popular sound that started in the fitness niche which says, “Is this friends? Are we friends? Oh, you’re about to be my friend.”

So what happens if you’re not a fitness influencer? Think about how you can relate this sound to your niche. 

For example, if you’re in travel, you could use it for what it’s like when you hear your accent while abroad.

By relating trends back to what you do and how you serve your audience, it helps you think out of the box, stay on brand, and still have fun on Reels.

Think of Your Hashtags as SEO for Your Reels


Hashtags are a powerful way to get Instagram Reels views and help the algorithm understand your content.

Think of it like SEO (search engine optimisation). The algorithm will look at the hashtags you are using, analyse it, and serve your video to the relevant audience.

For example, using hashtags like #southafricatravel and #wowsouthafrica tells Instagram your post is about South Africa and would serve the content to users based in the country.

Tip: Don’t use broad and generic hashtags. Stick to hyper-relevant hashtags.

Remember Your Captions SEO, Too

Instagram recently rolled out keyword search in a few countries, meaning the app is taking its first steps to become a robust search engine. 

Your captions are full of keywords, so when you’re Plann’ing your content, be intentional about the words you’re using and linking them back to your niche.

For example, if you’re a food account that tracks down delicious bagels worldwide, you’ll want to make sure you’re using keywords related to that in your captions to start building the right topic associations with your account.

What does this mean for your Reels view count?

The better the algorithm can recommend content to the right people, the more views you’ll get.



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