How To Get More Saves On Your Instagram Posts And Win Against The Algorithm

Still obsessing about your ‘likes’ count? No need! Save-worthy posts are where it’s at on Instagram right now.

Lauren Melnick
6 minutes read

Finding yourself still fussing about the ‘like’ count on your posts? We’ve got a friendly word of advice for you.

STOP worrying about how many likes your Instagram posts are getting and START focusing on saves!

When it comes to the algorithm, saves have more weight than a ‘like’. They tell the Instagram gods that your content is useful enough that the user wants to come back and revisit later.

So, if you want to boost your engagement and get Instagram to fall back in love with your account, you need to create content people want to save.

Not sure how?

Keep reading for five ways to get more saves on your Instagram posts the next time you post!

Save Instagram posts

What Are Instagram Saves?

Think of Instagram saves like a bookmark. The feature lets you add posts to Collections, organising the content you like in different folders.

You can create a folder for:

• Style inspiration

• Places to visit

• Business tips

• Inspiring quotes

Productivity tips

And more! The sky’s the limit!

Why You Should Aim for More Saves On Your Posts

Sure, ‘likes’ are a nice vanity metric, but saves? That’s some powerful stuff!

If someone wants to bookmark your post, to refer back to it again, that tells the Instagram algorithm, you’ve created some serious value for your audience.

The more people liking, commenting, sharing, and SAVING your post, the more Instagram will push your post out to more feeds and potentially give it a spot on the Explore Page for an extra dose of visibility.

How to See How Many People Saved Your Instagram Post

There are two ways to see how many people saved your Instagram Post.

Option #1: In Feed

• Open the Instagram App on your phone and go to a post in your Instagram Feed

• Tap on ‘View Insights’ to open the post insights page

• The number underneath the bookmark icon is how many saves your post has received

How to see how many people saved your post on Instagram

How to see how many people saved your Instagram post 2

Option #2: Insights

If you want to see which posts have received the most saves without manually checking each one, open your Insights tab on your phone.

• Tap the hamburger icon on your profile page and tap ‘Insights’

How to see how many people saved your Instagram post 3

• Tap on ‘Content You’ve Shared’

How to see how many people saved your Instagram post 4

• Tap on the ‘Reach’ filter button, scroll down and select ‘Saves’ from the drop-down list

How to see how many people saved your Instagram post 5

• Filter the timeframe by tapping on ‘Last Year’

Instagram will sort your saves from the highest to the lowest and show the number of saves each post has received.

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5 Ways to Get More Saves on Your Instagram Posts

Here are some of the best tactics you can use to start seeing more saves on your Instagram posts:

Include a strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Sometimes, if you want your audience to save Instagram posts, all you need to do is ask!

Adding a call-to-action (CTA) is a powerful way to let users know what you want them to do. Think of it as a friendly reminder that your most is worth bookmarking.

You can add a CTA by simply writing: [save this post for later!]

Saved posts on Instagram

Make Your Posts Educational

Helping your audience learn something is a sure-fire way to get a save. You’re adding value to their lives and giving them information that can solve a problem.

An example of educational content is sharing tips and tricks.

For example, if you’re a manifestation coach, you could create a post around what the different types of angel numbers mean or how to use journaling to manifest your desires.

If you’re a fitness influencer, you could create a post around the best exercises for adding muscle definition to your arms or a recipe for a delicious post-workout smoothie.

What’s great about educational-style posts is that it pays to write longer captions. You can include more value for your audience, which increases the chances of someone wanting to save Instagram posts for later.

Tip: Use Plann to break up your text when writing your captions. You can make your post more scannable by using Instagram fonts to highlight information and make the text scannable.

Save instagram post

Create Inspirational Content

Whether we’re planning a vacay to a far-flung destination, searching for delicious restaurants, or how to style an outfit — Instagram is a never-ending source of inspiration.

Capitalise on this when creating your posts to increase your number of saved posts on Instagram.

If you’re a travel blogger, create posts like the best places to visit in South Africa or highlight an incredible Airbnb stay.

People will see it and save it for inspiration for their next trip.

How to find out who saved your Instagram posts 6

Create Shareable Graphics

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create graphics people will want to save and share.

Canva has dozens of templates you can use to create an eye-catching post for your feed (and psst….you don’t even need to leave Plann to make these and schedule them to your socials)

plann with canva

But what makes a graphic saveable?

It needs to be educational. 

Create an infographic that your audience refers back to time and time again.

For example, if you’re a spiritual coach, you could create a graphic around new moon rituals for your audience.

Or, if your page is all about digital marketing, you can create a graphic with a checklist for on-page SEO optimisation.

Save Instagram posts

Create Quotes

How to find out who saved your Instagram posts

Instagram quotes are a huge asset to your content strategy.


Because people love sharing and saving them to read back later.

Erin May Henry (a business coach) is a whiz at using quotes to grow her engagement and audience.

She uses them to motivate, educate, and inspire her audience to overcome their limiting beliefs and create their dream online business. 

Like with infographics, Canva has tons of quote templates you can use to quickly create images that are on-brand, shareable, and savable.

Read More: Introduction Plann + Canva: A Match Made in Social Heaven

Start Planning Your Instagram Strategy to Score More Saves

Next time you’re writing captions or Plann’ing out your Instagram strategy for the next month, incorporate a few of these tips to increase saves on your Instagram posts!

You’ll see your engagement rates go up, along with your reach and follower count!

Start using Plann today. It’s free, and the only tool you need to plan, create and analyse your Instagram performance.


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