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How eCommerce Brand SHAROKINA Scaled A Global Customer Base With Plann’s All-In-One Social Media Suite

Sharokina Golpashin, the Germany-based designer behind sustainable leather goods brand SHAROKINA, knew social media marketing would be key to her success as an eCommerce brand. With the help of Plann, SHAROKINA has been able to reach a global customer base, streamline her social media workflows and adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape.

Curating A Cohesive Brand Identity

Everything revolves around presenting a clear and harmonious appearance, and with Plann I can make sure that my content visually fits into the stream.


Sharokina Golpashin


Before Plann, Sharokina struggled to create a visually appealing social media presence, relying on multiple apps for content creation. But by tapping into Plann’s all-in-one social media suite, she’s been able to maintain a cohesive brand identity and show up consistently on social media with ease.

By using Plann’s Visual Planner feature, Sharokina was able to plan out her feed before posting, ensuring she shared the perfect mix of content formats, pillars and post types.

Growing A Global Audience

Thanks to social media, people can find and learn about my products from anywhere – no matter in what city or country they live. Social media turns the whole world into a village!


Sharokina Golpashin


Without a physical store, Sharokina knew she needed to maintain a strong, active online presence for her eCommerce brand. By prioritizing social media, she has been able to share her design and production process from her studio in Düsseldorf, Germany with viewers across the globe.

Since launching her brand in 2013, the social media landscape has changed dramatically. But with the support of Plann, Sharokina has been able to stay one step ahead of platform changes, embracing Instagram Reels and Stories content to keep her audience engaged and thriving.

Maximizing Efficiency and Saving Time with Plann

Plann saves so much time and it makes posting fun again!


Sharokina Golpashin


Plann has enabled Sharokina to optimize her content creation process and get ahead in the game. With Plann’s Visual Planner, she is able to curate an aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid weeks in advance. Writing captions has been a breeze with done-for-you caption prompts and Plann’s hashtag manager (making it easy to add high-performing hashtags to posts in one click).

Plus, the auto-post feature has been a game-changer for Sharokina, making manual posting and on-the-fly content publishing a thing of the past.

Sharokina’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Embrace authenticity and be personal:

    “People especially appreciate the small, sustainable, and honest labels that build a brand with a lot of heart and soul and attention to detail.”

  • Stick to your brand style guide:

    “The images you choose should be high quality, well exposed, harmonious, and visually appealing. Also, remember to include highlights in between that stand. Using Plann’s Visual Planner, it’s easy to see which posts will match. ”

  • Find your niche:

    “Show who you are, what you do, and what makes you different from the others. Maybe your followers can even learn something through your account!”





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