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How Plann Helped Realtor and Luxury Media Brand CEO Nyah Chapman Grow Her Following To 11.9k+ On Social Media

Nyah Chapman grew The Luxe List Atlanta from a city guide to Atlanta’s first black-owned luxury media platform through the power of social media marketing. By harnessing Plann’s marketing leading social media suite, Nyah has been able to build a purposeful social media strategy, grow her following and scale her business in a sustainable way.

Building An Omnichannel Presence

Being constantly active on all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter has helped me to reach a broad range of people and our target audience at the same time.


Nyah Chapman


The Luxe List Atlanta isn’t Nyah’s only business. As a luxury realtor and media brand CEO, many multiple business pages required a powerful social media suite (like Plann) that could take away the stress and complexity of growing her online presence.

Nyah hasn’t just stuck to one social platform, either. In fact, she has built an omnichannel marketing strategy for her businesses that ensures she’s reaching a broader audience and amplifying her success across multiple platforms.

Harnessing Storytelling On Social Media

Being creative, the first thing I noticed when using Plann was the ability to curate a feed and save the captions!


Nyah Chapman


An essential ingredient in The Luxe List Atlanta’s success has been Nyah’s ability to use multi media storytelling on social media. Not only is she intentional with the imagery and videos she shares, but she uses social copywriting to tell a memorable narrative that will resonate with her target audience.

With Plann’s visual planner, Nyah has effortlessly been able to review and adjust her businesses’ social media feeds prior to posting, ensuring everything looks memorable and cohesive once published.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Being an analytics queen, I love the analytics and insights within the Plann platform.


Nyah Chapman


Growing an Instagram account to over 11.9k+ followers doesn’t happen by chance.

For Nyah, a big element in her businesses’ success has been using Plann’s advanced analytics to compare post performance, pinpoint high performing content types and use these insights to inform her upcoming posts.

Nyah’s Top Tip For Brands On Instagram:

  • Collaborate with other accounts:

    “Remove yourself or your business from the agenda. The goal is to connect to your audience right? The best way to do that is by collaborating with your audience or more importantly, with other people who have the same audience as you!”



The Luxe List Atlanta


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