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How Plann Enabled Ray Pastoors To Streamline His Agency’s Social Media Marketing Workflows

Ray Pastoors is a digital marketing expert dedicated to helping sustainable and ethical small businesses thrive on social media. As the founder of ethical digital marketing agency LYF Solutions, Ray has harnessed Plann’s all-in-one social suite to help his remote team work more efficiently and collaborate with ease.

Helping Clients Stand Out On Social Media

The first thing we noticed was the seamless interplay between the mobile and desktop app.


Ray Pastoors


Plann works seamlessly with Ray’s other apps and tools, making it easy for his remote team to find efficiencies in their workflows.

Plann’s Companion App has eliminated the need for manual data transfer or switching between multiple applications like desktop and mobile.

This integration not only saves valuable time but also ensures that the team can focus on what they do best: crafting exceptional social media strategies and delivering impactful results for their clients.

A smartphone screen displays a social media scheduler app with various posts and auto-posting options, surrounded by icons for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. The background features a subtle, circular design. | plannthat.com

Plann’s One-Stop Shop

As a team, Plann allows us to have one spot for our content strategists, graphic designers, video editors, copywriters, and clients to come together to work on social media strategies.


Ray Pastoors


Plann has become the go-to platform for Ray’s entirely remote team, providing them with a centralized space to collaborate effectively and streamline their social media strategies.

By leveraging Plann’s Team Collab + Approvals features, Ray’s team maximizes their collective creativity and expertise, delivering exceptional social media campaigns that drive engagement, boost brand visibility, and generate tangible results for their clients.

A screenshot showing a scheduled social media post with user roles and a note from Sarah discussing content plans. Ray has approved the post. Profile pictures and a share button are visible | plannthat.com

Streamlining Social Content Creation

We love the ease of scheduling and also how you can repurpose content with just a couple of clicks.


Ray Pastoors


Whether Ray and his team are planning and organizing their content seamlessly with Plann’s Scheduling tool or saving time and effort by repurposing content with just a few clicks, Plann’s user-friendly features have truly streamlined their social media workflow and enhanced their content strategy.

Ray says that Plann’s Done-For-You-Content tool provides his team with high-quality content prompts when needed, ensuring a consistent flow of engaging post ideas.

Social media strategy template with sections for "Educate" and "Website Design," dropdown menu for selecting social platforms, and content ideas like "Product Movie Series" and "Self Care Practices" in a grid layout | Social media planner | plannthat.com

Another one of his favorite Plan tools? The new EasyLink feature allows the team at LYF Solutions to effortlessly add on-brand links to their bio.

A social media strategy graphic for LYF Solutions featuring a profile image, ethical digital marketing tagline, and a "Join Waitlist" button. The sidebar highlights services like a free Google Analytics guide, contact options, Shopify integration, and a case study, ideal for a social media planner | plannthat.com

Ray’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Create a content strategy:

    “This will ensure your messaging and content pillars come through in every post and will avoid the stress of having to come up with posts on the fly.”

  • Find your purpose:

    “Think critically about the purpose of your social media – is it to connect? To sell? To add to your digital brand presence? Perhaps a combination of these? ”

  • Create or refine your branding kit:

     “This a big part of creating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing social media presence, and will help you stand out.  Your brand is more than a logo and some colors, consider other aspects like how you want people to feel.”



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