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How Plann Has Supported Hygee And Travel Blogger Ashleigh Sutlive To Build A Thriving Community On Social Media

Hygge and travel blogger Ashleigh Sutlive (the brains behind the blog, The Everyday Brunette) has discovered the power of using social media to grow a loyal following. With Plann’s all-in-one social media suite by her side, Ashleigh has been able to craft a cohesive feed, connect with a niche audience and build her following to over 5k as a blogger on social media.

Growing A Like-Minded Audience

I really enjoy the fact that you can connect with so many people who are similar to you on social media.


Ashleigh Sutlive


After going through a number of blog name iterations, Ashleigh landed on a niche in the hygge space (a Scandi word for a mood of coziness and comfort). In the early days, Ashleigh wasn’t aware of how she could use social media as a blogger, but soon realized how important it was to grow her readership as a blog and content creator.

Not only has Ashleigh been able to connect with fellow bloggers and business owners, but she’s been able to test potential blog ideas, refine her niche and amplify her long-form content to a new audience on social media.

Crafting A Cohesive Feed

For me, Instagram is like an art project and being able to move posts around before publishing to see how everything will look when finished is so awesome.


Ashleigh Sutlive


Aesthetics are everything when it comes to building an audience as a blogger. For Ashleigh, planning out her feed became so much easier when she switched to Plann’s visual planner.

Designing a cohesive feed was simple, with easy drag-and-drop features to help her trial and test out different publishing plans.

With Plann auto-scheduling tools, Ashleigh has been able to wave goodbye to tedious, manual posting and has unlocked valuable time to strategically plan her upcoming blog and social content instead.

Harnessing High-Performing Hashtags

I love the hashtag groupings you can create. It makes posting ten times easier.


Ashleigh Sutlive


Attracting new audiences and reaching like-minded users on social media has never been easier with Plann’s hashtag manager. Not only can Ashleigh save her favorite hashtag sets, but she can browse recommended hashtags, relevant to her niche and ideal audience.

Ashleigh’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Find what inspires you:

    “Don’t be afraid to go off the grid and do your own thing. Use the Plann grid to create a feed that you love and inspires you to keep pursuing your goals.”

  • Create a consistent posting schedule:

    “Pick a day to sit down every month and plan out all the content for the following month. This way, you will already have ideas for creation written down and it will take a lot of stress off your shoulders.”



The Everyday Brunette


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