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How Coach Suz Chadwick Has Grown An Engaged Community Of 14.5k+ Followers With Plann

Suz Chadwick is a business and mindset coach who is passionate about helping female founders build profitable businesses and bold magnetic brands. With stacks of masterclasses, training courses, and events under her belt, Suz teams up with business owners to help them become a stand-out voice in their industry.

To fuel the growth of her business and audience on social media, Suz has turned to Plann to leverage data-driven insights to strategically plan her content and optimize her online presence.

Attracting Dream Clients

Plann has helped me grow my audience and attract amazing clients; it is just so much fun.


Suz Chadwick


Whether she’s collaborating with other businesses, going live, or showing off some behind-the-scenes action, Instagram is where Suz’s community really comes together. To date, she’s been able to grow her following to a whopping 14.5k loyal fans.

She credits Plann with helping her not only see a significant boost in her followers but allowed her to attract amazing clients through socials, too.

Data-Driven Audience Insights

I’m a numbers girl, and Plann lets me track how my content is performing and it helps me make informed content decisions based on what my audience engages with the most.


Suz Chadwick


Suz says one of her favorite features is Plann’s Analytics feature which she uses to check in on her performance and make informed content decisions on what her audience is engaging with the most.

With in-depth performance data, Suz can create the most effective social media strategy for her brand. Being able to filter by what metrics matter the most to her is a game changer, allowing Suz to review performance based on audience growth, engagement, and website clicks.

Saving Time On Content and Creation

I tell all my clients about Plann because it’s so amazing, and it’s always getting better too, which is exciting. For me, it’s saved so much time.


Suz Chadwick


Although a self-confessed Instagram girl at heart, having access to all of her social accounts through Plann has helped Suz optimize her workflows. Once she creates a piece of content, she is able to schedule it to auto-post and even cross-post it across multiple platforms.

When Suz tells her clients about everything she’s up to, she says they’re often amazed, asking her how she could fit everything in. The answer is always thanks to Plann!

Suz’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Utilize the features that each platform is prioritizing:

    “Social media and their algorithms are changing quickly. To grow and perform well, it’s best to utilize a feature that a platform releases so you have a greater chance of reaching more people.”

  • Make life easy with templates:

    “Great photography and templates work together so well and remember as video grows, the quality of the content is increasingly important.”

  • Keep your aesthetics consistent:

    “From color in choice to photography style, keeping it consistent means everything you create is on brand automatically and makes creating a beautifully aesthetic feed much easier.”



Suzanne Chadwick


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