7 Creative Ways Small Businesses Can Showcase Products on Pinterest

Drive sales from Pinterest with this complete guide to promoting your products like a pro.

The Pinterest platform continues to grow and provide new opportunities for small business owners running e-commerce brands! From shoppable pins to product collections, Pinterest is brimming with powerful tools to help you drive sales at scale.

Every month, 482 million users log into Pinterest to explore new ideas and products. By learning your way around the system and discovering the secrets to using fresh advertising tools, you can reach a motivated consumer market, spanning the whole globe.

Feeling a little overwhelmed or confused about how to turn your Pinterest account into a shopping list? Don’t panic! The good news is that the Plann team have done the hard yards for you.

To get you started on the path to Pinning entrepreneurship, here are 7 innovative and creative ways you can use Pinterest to highlight your products and market your brand.



1. Create Engaging Product Pins

Create Engaging Product Pins

Did you know that 46% of weekly Pinners have found new products and brands on the Pinterest platform? This discoverability is nothing short of incredible, demonstrating the impact that a strong, well-defined Pinterest presence can have.

By harnessing the power of Pinterest product pins, you can create rich pins and engaging content that motivates users to shop now. Bright, eye-catching product pins can draw attention to your stock and the value your products provide. This gives shoppers more reasons to click your pins and buy from you.

When it comes to marketing Pinterest products, you can also use product pin tools to broaden your audience reach. Through search engine optimization (SEO) and other product category features, you can ensure that the right people are able to find your content online.

2. Use a Mix of Static and Video Posts

According to Wyzowl, an incredible 91% of people have relied on explainer videos to learn more about products they were interested in. As video content rises in popularity, this number is only set to grow.

Pinterest product pins don’t limit your marketing strategy to a single format or approach, leaving room for you to exercise your creativity. You can use a mix of static images and video posts to capture audience interest and highlight key product details. In fact, combining several different formats is critical in helping you reach different users.

Use your product pins as diversely as possible. Mix up your content, and try a variety of different styles and features. Take note of what content types tend to perform best for your audience and your goals. You can rely on this information to help you make decisions about future content creation.

3. Produce Themed Pinterest Boards

Currently, Pinterest is home to over 4 billion boards, each responding to unique themes, concepts and ideas. Themed Pinterest boards can be valuable tools in helping you sort and store product pins for the best, most streamlined functionality.

Produce Themed Pinterest BoardsOn Pinterest, start sorting your content into clear, distinct product groups. Categorizing similar products together in groups can make it easier for people to access the items they’re looking for and find relevant shopping tools as required. This streamlines your account and simplifies the user experience you offer for buyers.

Well-structured themed Pinterest boards can also help you stay in control of your small businesses‘ content marketing. You’ll be able to clearly see which product pins you’ve shared and which items need to be updated. You can sort through content and ensure you’re delivering the highest-quality, most-up-to-date information for your customers.

4. Share User-Generated Content

In the world of digital marketing, research shows that sharing high-value user-generated content can boost brand trust for 56% of consumers. And that’s not to mention the time-saving benefits that come with getting your audience to create content for you!

Using a combination of Pinterest and your other social platforms, search for opportunities to obtain real, authentic user-generated content from your audience. This helps you amplify customer voices as part of your brand-building strategy while saving you time (and stress) on content production tasks.

User-generated content can also work as a reference for social proof. This helps you connect your product pins with testimonials and customer experiences that highlight the benefits of your products. You can spark conversations and encourage Pinners to emotionally invest in your brand.

5. Explore Pinterest Shopping

Online shopping is a booming business, with experts predicting that almost a quarter of retail purchase will take place in a digital environment by 2026. Pinterest shopping is a new opportunity to expand in the e-commerce space!

Explore Pinterest Shopping

Pinterest shopping offers a range of tools under the new shop tab, which makes it easier than ever for people to find fresh product pins. The app also provides other shopping tools, including shopping list features and even a verified merchant program that helps brands seek verification and access new offers.

By exploring the full range of Pinterest shopping tools, you can find ways to place your products in search results and under the shop tab. By allowing your product pins to appear across various segments of the app, Pinterest shopping can help more users find and connect with your pins and the products you’re proud to sell.

6. Collaborate With Influencers

Already, the influencer marketing industry is worth a whopping $21.1 billion, and yet only 1 in 4 marketers are taking advantage of the opportunity. Influencer collaborations are an important part of the new age of advertising, influencing the online shopping landscape.

Whether you’re sticking to Pinterest alone or connecting across other platforms, influencers can help you spread the word about your products and direct traffic back to your brand. You can build relationships with trusted people within your niche, and use these networks to get more people talking about your brand.

Start searching for influencers whose values closely align with your brand and the products you provide. Then ask about collaboration opportunities! You can set up a shared campaign that benefits you both and earns you more hits on product pins and Pinterest shopping forums.

Hot tip: Use influencers and content creators to produce branded lifestyle content for your brand on Pinterest. Rather than highly styled product shots, use these partnerships to produce save-worthy lifestyle photos and videos that your brand can repost on your own Pinterest boards with shoppable product tags.

7. Set Up Pinterest Ads and Campaigns

Research shows that Pinterest ads are 2.3 times cheaper per conversion compared to other social advertising platforms. Pinterest shopping ads can provide you with excellent return on ad spend investment.

Set Up Pinterest Ads and Campaigns

Try setting up shopping ads that demonstrate the key strengths and benefits associated with your product. Link paid advertising with free shopping tools and existing product pins to make the most of all your content and scope.

Today, Pinterest event allows you to promote collections ads! This allows you to market a range of connected products simultaneously. These shopping campaigns effectively and meaningfully target relevant audiences with a variety of choices that align with their interests and needs.

Want To Learn More Tips and Tricks?

When you learn how to use Pinterest shopping and other tools for brand growth, you’ll be well on your way to producing the next best seller!

The right tools can support you to set your brand up for success, helping people shop quickly and confidently as you continue to share new pins and explore additional marketing avenues.

Need more tips and tricks to help you take control of your shop and chase better business results? You’ve come to the right place. Check out the latest tips, tricks and expert social media insights now on the Plann blog.


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