5 Ways to Get Subscribers on Instagram and What It Means For You

Turn your Instagram presence into a revenue-generating tool with the power of subscriptions.

Shannon Jade
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The Instagram subscription feature is a relatively new addition to the social media platform, offering plenty of scope for community building and account growth!

By understanding how the new Instagram subscription feature works, you can make the most of a whole new suite of benefits. New subscribers could be the key to scaling your brand and getting more value (a.k.a. revenue!) out of the time you spend on Instagram.

So what are Instagram subscriptions? How can you enable subscriptions and make the most of them? And what will it take to encourage your followers to sign up for a subscription? You asked, and we answered! Here’s everything you need to know.



What Are Instagram Subscribers?

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Instagram subscriptions are the newest social media offering, making it easier than ever for creators to monetize content on Instagram, directing income straight to your linked bank or PayPal account.

Using the subscription feature, Instagram creators can deliver exclusive content and benefits to specific followers in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.

For your followers, there are many benefits of Instagram subscriptions! Paying members can access subscriber-only posts, reels, stories, lives, and even broadcast channels.

For creators, Instagram subscriptions can also provide a number of important advantages. You can earn recurring monthly income while engaging more directly and authentically with your most dedicated fans.

How Instagram Subscriptions Work

The Instagram subscription tool is relatively simple when you know your way around the platform.

As a creator, you can enable Instagram subscriptions within your account settings via the Instagram app. Once the feature is active, Instagram will feature your subscription offering under a dedicated tab. Here, users can search for new accounts and those they already follow.

When Instagram users subscribe to you, you’ll be able to share exclusive content with this targeted, paying audience. You’ll also notice a subscriber badge icon beside subscriber usernames, and subscriber posts and subscriber stories will receive an algorithm boost.

It’s important to note that while Instagram and Facebook are both part of the parent brand Meta, Instagram subscriptions and Facebook subscriptions work separately.

Setting Up Your Account for Subscriptions

Setting Up Your Account for SubscriptionsWant to set up your account for subscriptions? It’s simple! Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Before you begin, you’ll need to check that subscriptions are available for your account and your region. If you can’t access the feature yet, don’t worry! Instagram is planning a more extensive rollout soon.

Step 2: Check that you meet subscription requirements. You’ll need to meet Instagram’s partner and content monetization policies and align with all community guidelines. You’ll also need to be over the age of 18 and a professional Instagram account with more than 10,000 followers.

Step 3: Navigate to the professional dashboard or account settings and select ‘Set up subscriptions.’

Step 4: Here, tap ‘next,’ and agree to the relevant terms before choosing ‘next’ again.

Step 5: Use the dialogue box to set your monthly price. It’s a good idea to make this high enough to illustrate your value but low enough to remain affordable for your most engaged followers.

Step 6: Select ‘next,’ and review your choices. When you’re happy with your subscription model, select ‘publish,’ ‘create,’ and ‘done’ to finalize.

Step 7: Your followers will be automatically notified about your subscriber packages within three days. Alternatively, you can select ‘notify now’ to advertise your offer immediately.

5 Ways to Encourage Your Audience to Subscribe

If you’re new to Instagram subscriptions, you might be wondering how best to attract new subscribers! Here are five quick tips and tricks to help you generate interest fast.

1. Provide Exclusive Content

First, it’s important to give your subscribers something worth subscribing for! Create exclusive content that only your subscribers will get to view. This is an example of real value that non-subscribing users will miss out on.

Subscriber-only content should be different from your existing organic Instagram content strategy. That could mean:

  • Live Q&A sessions with your founder
  • Bonus tips or resources that solve your customer’s problems
  • Exclusive templates or checklists to help your customer’s reach their goals

The key to inspiring sign ups and subscriptions is this: make your offer clear and compelling by showing the value subscribers will unlock.

2. Create a Subscriber Community

Similarly, drawing focus to the community your subscription offers is essential. This highlights how your followers can engage with you and with each other. A subscriber community can humanize your brand and drive better engagement outcomes both among subscribers and beyond.

That’s not all. Within your subscription community, you can host a wide range of interactive events! You might hold online chat groups and conversations. You could even launch a quiz night or host a subscriber-only livestream. Alternatively, get started with subscriber broadcast channels!

When promoting your subscription offering, make sure to emphasize exactly who your subscribers will gain access to and the high-quality, curated community you’re building.

3. Offer Extra Benefits for Subscribers

What do people get in exchange for a monthly subscription fee? Offering extra benefits is key to making subscriptions on Instagram work for you. Consider offering more than just exclusive posts or stories. You can also give your subscribers early access to special announcements or launches.

The stronger the benefits your subscription offers, the more you’ll stand out from the crowd. This can make your subscription more appealing compared to those offered by other creators on Instagram. Plus, your existing subscribers may be more likely to invite their friends to join.

4. Run a Promo or Discount Deal

Run a Promo or Discount DealIn some cases, you may be able to provide your subscribers with access to discounts and deals! This can be a great incentive for subscribers hoping to save on new products or services related to your brand and Instagram account.

Discounts don’t have to focus on your products, either. The Instagram subscriptions feature allows you to adjust subscription prices and set up temporary promotions in your subscription settings. This can be helpful in getting people on board before your pricing returns to the normal monthly fee.

5. Advertise Your Subscription Offer

Last but certainly not least, remember to advertise your subscription offering! Chances are good that your most engaged followers will be interested in more of your content, but they can’t subscribe if they don’t know what’s available.

Market your Instagram subscription service to your existing audience and actively target new subscribers as much as possible. Highlight what users can expect to gain from becoming a paid subscriber to your content.

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