12 Travel Instagram Accounts To Escape Overseas, Virtually

In need of some travel inspo, we’ve rounded up 10 Insta accounts that sure to give you a serious case of wanderlust.

While countries are slowly opening up their borders for domestic travel, it seems that overseas jaunts are still a little while off yet. But just because the furthest we’ll be travelling anytime soon is from our sofa to the fridge, doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Here at Plann HQ, we’ve all been hitting ‘save’ on travel posts like crazy, creating mini vision boards for our next vacays.



12 travel instagram accounts to escape overseas, virtually



If you too are in need of some travel inspo, we’ve rounded up 12 Insta accounts that sure to give you a serious case of wanderlust. From far-flung tropical islands to snow-capped mountain peaks, there’s something for every type of (armchair) traveller.

1. @betty_on_the_go


Betty is proof that travel doesn’t have to always have to feel fast-paced and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants. While she’s Betty On The Go, she’s all about taking it sloooow — and she looks stylish as heck doing it! Oh, and if the highlight of your trips is always trying out the cool wine bars, you’ll go bonkers for Betty’s account — she’s also vino connoisseur!

2. @ashleighbridget


If you’re all about those turquoise ocean and white sand vibes, you need some Ashleigh in your feed, stat! Living in the tropical paradise that is Australia’s Whitsunday Islands, you’ll often find her snorkelling and sailing in the big blue. Warning: her sunkissed lifestyle is almost certain to inspire major envy!

3. @onegrloneworld


It’s impossible not to feel good vibes when you land on Francesca’s profile! Not only does she post photos in some of the world’s most stunning destinations (especially the ones of the Caribbean — they give us serious love heart eyes! ) but she absolutely exudes radiance and confidence. As well as her spectacular travel snaps, she shares awesome skincare and natural hair tips with her audience.

4. @mochilamonkeys


While we’re not the biggest fans of the term #couplegoals, it’s hard to think of a better phrase to describe these two! German travel bloggers Marco and Erika are gallivanting the globe together and look pretty adorable doing so. From the charming streets of Istanbul to the dazzling cityscapes of Japan, these two have been everywhere together — and they have the romantic snaps to prove it. Currently, they’re in Bali: not the worst place to settle for self-iso, if you ask us!

5. @molllified


You know those Instagrammers that immediately make you want to quit your job, sell all your belongings and traverse the globe? Yep, Molly’s is one of those accounts.  The software engineer-turned-travel blogger has posted stunning snaps from nearly every place you could ever think of. From a hot air balloon in Cappadocia to the Great Wall of China, you never know where she’ll be next. 

6. @chubbydiaries_


Jeff is a travel blogger with a mission — to inspire and encourage plus-sized people to travel the world. His feed is filled with exactly the kind of positivity, inclusivity and wholesomeness we need in our lives right now. His smile and energy in his photos are infectious, and they make us want to pack a suitcase and travel the world immediately. 

7. @eggsmiley


While we love pretty travel snaps as much as the next people, what we love most about Emily aka. @eggsmiley is how she keeps it real. Not only does she focus on sustainability and slow travel, but her account has a down-to-earth feel to it. It makes us feel like we too could be admiring the vibrant streets of India or hanging out in the South of France. Well, one day, anyway!

8. @krystinesc


If you don’t already have the travel itch, prepare to after you check out Krystine’s account. She left her 9-5 to travel the world and so far, has racked up some pretty impressive passport stamps. Luckily for us, we can live vicariously through her gorgeous snaps for now!

9. @lauge.ef


Unlike many of the other accounts on this list, Lauge isn’t a travel blogger but rather, a photographer and videographer. A very talented one at that! From his spectacular drone shots of natural landscapes to his snaps of architectural wonders, his account always leaves us wanting more. So, we guess it’s just as well that he documents his travels on YouTube, too!

10. @dianamiaus


Sometimes, life is just prettier in pastel and Diana’s account is the cotton candy paradise of our dreams! From the peachy hues of Morrocco to the azure seas of Ibiza, her Instagram is an absolute explosion of color. Perfect for if your feed (and world!) has been feeling a little ‘meh’ lately.

11. @saltytravellers


Whether you’re an Aussie looking to travel locally or you live elsewhere, this account will make you want to explore the wonders of down under. Monique, Jasper and their cute pup Bowie travel the country in their 4WD and their lifestyle looks like absolute bliss. From the rusty deserts of Northern Territory to the pristine beaches of Western Australia, they’ve been everywhere, man!

12. @greatbigsomewhere


While Instagram can be known as a bit of a ‘highlights reel’, we sometimes need a few photos to really get the essence of a destination. So, that’s why we love that Jet doesn’t post just one photo from each place, but a series. Whether it’s the hilltop villas of Greece to the rainforests of Mexico, it makes it easier for us to imagine ourselves in these destinations…which is what we need right now!

Wondering how these travel bloggers and photographers make their Instagrams look so dang beautiful and consistent? Well, many of them are Plann’ers! To check out how Plann can help you uplevel your feed too, start your free 7-day trial today!


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