10 Effective Call-to-Actions for Your Instagram Link-in-Bio Page

One simple link and a compelling call to action is all it takes to turn your Instagram account into powerful source of referral traffic.

Shannon Jade
6 minutes read

A good call to action can be powerful! When you communicate clearly with your audience, you can direct more traffic to your mobile landing page and eventually onto your own website.

Using the right call to action (CTA) for your link-in-bio page is critical if you want to make an impact on Instagram. Clever CTA copy can help you maximize your audience’s attention and turn interest into sales conversions. Amazing!

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin? Discover how to drive traffic to your bio link like a pro.

Plus, we run you through why Plann’s EasyLink link-in-bio tool is a game changer for businesses on social media. Discover how to add unlimited links, harness visual links and even set your own custom URL.



1. Tease a product

What’s up next for your brand? Consider adding an upcoming product teaser to your link in bio landing page, and start generating some buzz around your next launch. This is a great way to plan for ongoing marketing power.

Here’s a CTA you could try: “Something new coming soon…”. Lines like this build intrigue and interest and compel users to click your landing page link. Get your audience guessing about what your brand has in store.

In your upcoming Instagram posts, you can use these compelling CTAs to drive action and get audiences excited about your next product release.

2. Drive website traffic

It’s time to drive some extra traffic to your website (and your sales pages!). Use your bio link to direct audiences to your website home and sales pages, where they can learn more about your brand and the products or services you offer.

Here’s a CTA you can try: “Take a peek at our site”. This simple copy gets straight to the point and tells your audience exactly what you want them to do.

Hot tip: add your website up the top of your landing page so it’s to find and click!

3. Offer a discount

Offer a discount

Do you have a discount or special offer you can use to market your business? People love the chance to save, so this should take up prime real estate in your Instagram bio link landing page for maximum conversion results.

Add this CTA to your bio copy or your next Instagram post caption: “Score 10% off when you shop now! Link in bio.”

Create a sense of urgency that gives your customers the push they need to visit your sales page and make a purchase today.

Psst… did you know that you can make your links and content shoppable with EasyLink? Each link can direct users straight to a product or sales page to maximize your chances of conversion.

4. Advertise a deal

What about a sale or a limited-time deal? Offering a bargain can help you give your products an extra appeal, especially if the deal on offer is exclusive in some way to people who access it via your Instagram bio link page.

Try this CTA: “Sale starts now!” Like discount offers, deals require a sense of urgency. Direct people to your online store, and give them a reason to stay. Use your bio tools to drive sales for your brand.

5. Encourage subscribers

Newsletter signups are another great CTA for your Instagram bio landing page. This can help you collect customer data to support future marketing campaigns. In our opinion? Building out your own mailing list needs to be a big marketing priority, alongside growing an engaged social media following.

Here’s a CTA you can try today: “Sign up for our newsletter.” Keep this CTA short and simple. If you can offer an incentive to get people excited to sign, find a way to include this in your Instagram bio succinctly.

6. Run a contest

Instagram users love a giveaway! This can be a great way to get more people to visit your link in bio pages and engage with your brand online. You can even set bio link clicks as a rule of entry.

Here’s a CTA to leverage: “Want to win X? Head to the link in our bio to find out how!”

Competitions can’t last forever, so you need to create urgency with the language you choose. Give your target audience a chance to win something they’ll care about, and make your contest easy to enter.

Hot tip: did you know EasyLink offers time-sensitive links? These are perfect for contests, flash sales or campaigns that you need to switch off a certain date or time.

7. Cross-promote channels

You can also use your Instagram account to cross-promote your other marketing channels and social media platforms. This can help you expand your audience and build a strong, engaged virtual community.

Try this: “Follow us on …” Use a CTA button that directs people to your other social channels. Instead of a sales page on your website, you can directly link your other social profiles or even specific social media posts on other accounts.

8. Gather user-generated content

Your Instagram bio custom landing page can be an opportunity to source fresh user-generated content. This is a great way to save time on content creation while bringing social proof to your brand and what it offers.

Here’s a CTA to consider: “Share your photos with us – link in bio to submit!” Create a landing page that allows users to share photos, reviews, and experiences with your business. You can use these for marketing materials in your upcoming social content and give your customers a voice.

9. Highlight the benefits

What makes your product so incredible? A bio tool with unlimited links means you can add information about your product’s benefits. Highlighting selling points with a clear CTA can give your customers another reason to buy.

Try this: “Find out why this product is a best-seller – link in bio!” Allow your consumers to easily learn what’s great about your product. Create a landing page that answers common questions and addresses customer pain points effectively.

10. Use interactive elements

Interactivity is a great way to drive engagement! You can add this using questions and polls in your Instagram stories. But did you know you can also use bio landing pages to drive interactivity?

Here’s a CTA you can use: “Take the quiz today to discover X – link in bio!” Use your bio tool to link a quick, simple assessment related to your product or offer. You can help customers make informed purchasing decisions and even gather valuable data about them to support your remarketing efforts.

Use Interactive Elements

Ready to get started?

Now we’ve inspired you with 10 powerful CTA statements; it’s time to build your link in bio landing page.

Claim your free EasyLink custom URL and start driving tangible ROI from your Instagram followers. You can get up and running in five minutes or less – it’s that easy!


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