How Instagram/Plann Helped Build A Thriving Community And Sellout Global Events

Hear from Stacey Short, Founder of Rollerfit, on how Plann helped their community sky rocket to fame in a very short amount of time.

@staceyskates (AU)

Stacey Short from Sydney Australia had a burning passion for roller skating and was rocking a pair of skates almost before she could walk. From competitive to artistic roller-skating, Stacey then founded @Rollerfit – a place where anyone could enjoy fitness, fun, roller skate and dance classes – all on wheels, in multiple states of Australia.

All on her own, she scaled a team of coaches and instructors and recently hosted a sell-out International event, bringing talented skaters, sponsors and fanatics from all over the world for a 3-day skate camp, that sold out in just 11 minutes.



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Rollerfit is a huge success, had you always had an Instagram account for your business and what made you join?

Our Instagram is all about bringing the roller-skating community in Australia together.

We share tips, run monthly challenges and give advice on Roller Skating as well as promoting the classes that we host weekly.

Our mission for our Instagram is to inspire more people to take up roller skating!

What concerns/doubts did you have about scheduling your Instagram?

I was worried at first that it would look too organised, I know that sounds crazy now.

We like to share a lot of real-time content, sharing living in the moment vibes and I thought scheduling wouldn’t be authentic. However I realised very quickly that we could still share real-time through other means like stories and live video, and keep our grid intentional so we know what we’re focusing on, having time to think through an overarching strategy has done wonders.

We just make sure we add room for any spontaneous content if we feel it fits.

What was the first thing you noticed when you started using Plann?

Rollerfit has 7 very busy venues Australia-wide, plus an online store, so it was very busy!

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Free Storytelling Guide: 30 Questions To Help You Tell Your Brand Story

“Plann has made it so much easier to have our posts ready to go for the classes that run each day.”

I’m always surprised at how easily a day can get away from you and then you completely forgot to post on Instagram! Plann has helped us be much more consistent and less forgetful of posting our class timetables as we have it all planned in advance!

We also love that with Plann you have multi-staff access, so a couple of us run all of the pages. It’s great to see who is doing what, seeing content come together or pass on a couple of weeks to someone else if it gets too busy.

My favourite thing is that by scheduling our Instagram, it gives us time to think about what we’re actually posting and not just posting because we feel we have to.



You recently ran an International event that sold out in 11 minutes(!), how would you say being intentional with your Instagram posting strategy helped?

Marketing our Roller Skating event (Skate Fest) on Instagram was probably the most intentional we have ever been with anything on Social Media.

We had everything planned out from the video of something cool is “coming soon”, right through to the announcement of international coaches, venue locations, the hype of our ticket sales and of course all roller-discos and after-parties!

Building the hype, showcasing the vibe and setting the tone for the event was definitely a driver of our success. Having it all Planned in advance helped massively with ticket sales, plus helped set the expectations of what ticket holders could expect.

At the event, information is key! We purposely planned it in a way that was fun, colourful with a heap of behind the scenes. We even schedule the “hey don’t forget to bring your sunscreen to our event!” posts too!

“Without a doubt, using Plann to raise awareness and then open sell tickets for our event was the best thing we did for ourselves. And yes, 11 minutes!”


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How has Plann helped you?

Plann has helped our overall organization skills for our entire marketing presence and definitely helped us find who we are in the Instagram space. Before Plann we were just throwing out any content, which we thought was great at the time but we didn’t know what our purpose was in the tiny squares.

“Plann helped us find our online voice, which turned to grow our followers, sales, and revenue in a very short amount of time.”

Our classes have never been busier and we haven’t paid a cent for advertising since we started. Plus, we’re all now really proud of our Instagram feed.




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What features or functions of Plann do you love and use the most? 

The pumpkin filter haha, and everything being able to Plann posts and stories. We’re hoping one day we see video editing also. Hint hint!

What’s the big dream for you and RollerFit?

Oh my gosh, how much time do you have?? Ahhhh!!

At the moment we’re in the process of expanding the licensing of our program outside of our current towns and cities. We would like to see more people taking on our program and opening up in different cities and bringing MORE and MORE people into Roller Skating. 

We hope 2020 showcases a bunch of new venues in places that we haven’t been able to reach before. Besides the growth of venues, we’d like to host more large scale and small scale events, face to face is very important to us and events help bring our community from online to real life and that is something we’re extremely passionate about!

We have big ideas for events and places to hold them, so definitely more of that come the new year – you’ll have to follow us to find out more!!



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Who are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?







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