The 2023 Instagram Trend Report: Wrap Up and Key Takeaways

Here’s everything you need to know from the 2023 Instagram Trend Report.

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The time has arrived! The 2023 Instagram Trend Report is now available, offering plenty of great insights into what we can expect to see on the app in the year to come. 

Whether you’re an emerging Instagram creator or a total trendsetter, knowing what’s hot can give you the edge when it comes to growing your platform. With these helpful predictions, you can get ready to start the new year off on the right foot. 

Feeling information overload and unsure where to start decoding the Instagram trend report? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know!


What You’ll Find on Instagram in 2023

In 2023, Instagram is ready to be ruled by Gen Z! In partnership with WGSN, Instagram asked Gen Z users what matters most on the app and used the results as a crystal ball for 2023. Here’s what the ‘gram greats are predicting!

1. Recycle, Reuse, Reconstruct

It’s time to get thrifty! In 2023, Instagram users are expected to keep caring about the climate crisis and the impact of the fashion retail industry on our natural environment, not to mention clothing costs!

Over the course of the next year, you’ll see your favorite Instagram influencers turning to the sewing machine. Users will share their DIY fashion creations and encourage their followers to give fashion upcycling a try.

2. Taking Action

Get ready to take action! In 2023, Instagram users plan to post with a purpose. More creators will use Instagram as a platform for activism and advocacy, supporting causes they care about and encouraging others users to take a stand.

At the top of the for-purpose Instagram wishlist? Users are talking about all things political, from social justice issues to voter registration. Plus, many Gen Z Instagrammers are keen to follow creators who shared lived experiences with disability. 

3. Climate and Expressive Beauty

In 2023, we’re looking for fire and staying sun safe! As air pollution and UV rays get worse with climate change, Instagram users are looking for climate-proof cosmetics, choosing SPF+ beauty and skincare products.

That’s not all. Gen Z Instagram users are focusing less on beauty standards and more on expressing their creativity. You can expect to see plenty of fun and expressive makeup looks. Cue the color!

4. Alt Takes on the Metaverse

The metaverse is here to stay in 2023! This year, 67% of Gen Z Instagram users want diverse avatars that represent people from all walks of life as all of us learn to build digital worlds of our own.

What’s more, Instagram users are turning to digital avatars and influencers for fashion inspiration! AI beauty is on its way, and Instagrammers are keen to look fabulous in the digital age.

5. The Financial Renaissance

It’s time to launch your side hustle! In 2023, 64% of Gen Z users are planning to earn cash on Instagram. Many of the app’s top creators are looking for new ways to monetize and turn passion into profit.

How are these influencers going to improve their chances? Instagram users are interested in improving their financial literacy, learning what it takes to budget well, invest wisely, and build a booming online business. 

6. Cultural Curiosity: Participatory Global Eats

Did someone say snack time? In the year ahead, food bloggers are ready to take content to the next level! Instagram users are keen to discover new culinary cultures and travel the world one bite at a time.

Many Gen Z Instagrammers are looking for new dishes to taste test, and users are keen to pick up cooking tips and recipe ideas from their favorite food-focused content creators. Get ready to eat!

7. Creator Trends: Community and Participation

2023 is all about community. This year, Instagrammers plan to bring digital communities into the real world by hosting events, conventions and meet and greets. You could get to hang out with your favorite creators!

Meanwhile on the ‘gram, creators are expected to embrace mixed media opportunities. You can expect to see all kinds of content formats thriving. Plus, Instagram is predicting more creator podcasts. 

8. Return of the Rave and Rise of Global Beats

Let’s hear some tunes! In 2023, Gen Z Instagram users are looking forward to attending festivals and live music events. That means you can expect awesome soundtracks and envy-inducing Instagram stories

More Instagram users are looking for ways to express themselves through songs and learn about other cultures by listening to tracks by non-English-speaking artists. Hello, KPOP and Latinx music trends!

9. Your 2023 Dating Profile


Love is in the air, and this year, Instagram users are turning to the app in hopes of finding the one. Instagram DMs will be home to new friendships and budding romances, no right swipe required.

Small talk at the bar? No, thank you. Instagrammers will be spending 2023 checking their horoscopes and sending funny memes to the ones they love. Now, that’s how you make a good impression!

Our Top 3 Takeaways

It looks like the year ahead is going to be full of opportunities for Instagram creators, old and new! Our key takeaways? In 2023, Instagram users will be focused on:


We all know the importance of looking after the planet, and now we’re taking our mission to the ‘gram. Whether you’re reducing fashion waste, choosing eco-conscious cosmetics, or simply advocating for the cause, you can expect plenty of climate-focused conversations in the year ahead.


Next up is creativity! Instagram users are ready to put their own spin on trends with unique expressive fashion and beauty looks. Your favorite creators will be serving up plenty of inspiration to get you in the creative spirit – metaverse style included. 


Finally, we’re seeing a community-building trend. From making friends with fellow creators to finding the love of your life, there’ll be plenty of chances to grow your fanbase and build meaningful relationships with real people.

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