4 Types Of Social Media Content That Shouldn’t Still Be A Thing

There are some types of content that should no longer exist. In this article, we’ll explore some of the more…aggravating ones.

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I’m protective of my social media platforms. Thanks to unfollowing and some fairly clumsy training of the various algorithms, I can, for the most part, scroll through Instagram and Facebook and even Twitter to a certain extent, without getting –

1. Slightly frustrated

2. Furious at an unusual level

3. Hysterical and a danger to myself and others

Then, I stumble across ‘that’ post. You know the one. It makes me stop and re-read and then I scratch my chin and my family sees what’s happening and hides anything sharp.

The Ultimate Strategy Guide
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

How to reverse engineer your way social media success

Here are 4 enraging pieces of social media content that make me want to get all throwy and breaky:

1. The Multi-Level Marketing Convert

OMG! My skin has never looked so amazing! I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to share it with you all! PM me for deeeeeets!


2. The Obvious Lie

The hardest piece of content to avoid, the lie is usually only known as a lie because I know the person. It doesn’t have to be actual words, such as ‘I’ve decided to resign,’ when you totally got fired and were at my place last night weeping into a glass of chardonnay; the fib can be insinuated.

The picture of you on a boat, looking like you’re all…you know…out on a boat when I know it’s sitting on a trailer in your parent’s backyard.

The shot of you drinking water, eating chia seeds and talking about how much quitting alcohol has changed your life when you were the other person at my place last night drinking that chardonnay and also you brought a cake.

Or when you post a ‘life hack,’ which is a crime on its own, when your life is all about going around to friends places and drinking chardonnay and sitting in your parent’s backyard.

3. The Political Post

Yeah, I’m sure he’s a great leader and totally misunderstood and…wait…we shouldn’t let people do what? How do you even police that? Sorry….you don’t like who because of their ‘unique’ cultural differences? You sound a bit…no, no…I get it…I can’t come to a rally this Saturday…shame, I’ve got a thing.

4. The ‘I’m a New Person….x4’

Hey guys, as you know  I’ve had an ‘interesting’ start to the year (LOL) and since the meditation retreat and spirit clearing session, I’ve found my true purpose. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with my fashion blog and comedy act, but I need to follow my passion and become a country music singer.

What sort of content gets your blood boiling? Let us know and we might add it to the list!


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