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How Plann Helped Stephanie Kase Tap Into Her Niche And Grow Her 105k+ Audience

Stephanie Kase is the brilliant owner of Stephanie Kase Education, a business education and content creation platform on a mission to help product and service-based business owners achieve organic online visibility and build businesses aligned with their life vision.

In her pursuit of efficient collaboration, Stephanie tapped into Plann, a game-changing tool that helped her streamline her social media workflow and deliver engaging content that saw her following grow to a staggering 105k.

Streamlining Social Content Creation

I LOVE how smoothly Plann works, my team and I can easily collaborate within Plann for our Instagram content.


Stephanie Kase


Stephanie was looking for a scheduling tool that was easy and intuitive to use, both for herself and her team. The ability to schedule future stories on the go, whether that’s on the desktop or from Plann’s mobile app has been a game changer.

Not only has Plann streamlined the workflow for Stephanie and her team, but she now also regularly recommends Plann to her Instagram and YouTube followers, her email list, and anywhere else she connects with her audience.

Skyrocketing Engagement Rates

We can genuinely show up for our followers and Plann has played a role in that because it helps us be very consistent in showing up and giving real value.


Stephanie Kase


Through Stephanie’s commitment to maintaining a cohesive social media strategy and utilizing Plann’s scheduling tools, she experienced an astounding upsurge in engagement, growing her audience to a staggering 105K+.

Stephanie credits Plann’s scheduling features with letting her and her team take a more focused approach to content creation. Rather than coming up with ideas on the fly, Plann’s given her time to think, create, and store her content for the optimal posting time, and the best part? Stephanie says it’s actually saving her time.

Thanks to Plann, Stephanie and her team can thoughtfully create content ahead of time, which has resulted in the production of more valuable, more engaging content.

Boosting Growth & Driving Sales

Plann has played a big part in our content creation process and helped us achieve rapid growth.


Stephanie Kase


Thanks to the success and engagement that Plann’s user-friendly tools, like the content calendar, helped Stephanie achieve, she decided to start a second Instagram account. A year in, and she’s already seen her following grow to 10k.

Stephanie says that it’s not only growth in her following count that she’s seen. They’ve redefined their sales strategy and she’s been seeing significant growth in her bottom line, particularly when it comes to selling her digital products.

Stephanie’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Create content for your business niche:

    “Think: What am I selling and how do I show up and serve the world? That way when you do see traction on a reel or a post, it’s the RIGHT kind of traction. “

  • Focus more on the quality of your community than the size:

    “Slow, steady growth with engagement from the right audience on Instagram is more important than fast, viral growth that leads to a lot of followers who don’t ultimately care.”

  • Have a strong personal brand:

    “BE YOURSELF, be genuine, show your face, and incorporate the personal things about yourself that have nothing to do with what you offer in your business.”



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