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How These 4 Foodies Found Success On Social Media With Plann

Food. It’s the one thing that connects people across different ages, cultures, and walks of life.

Whether it’s cooking together or enjoying a meal at a restaurant, it just brings people together, especially when it’s on social media.

We sat down with four foodie Plann’rs to find out their favorite Plann features and how they’ve used our all-in-one social media suite to optimize their workflows, grow a loyal following and boost engagement on social media.

1. Creating a Cohesive Feed With Brooke Of The Salted Sweets

I feel like I always have a million things going on in my brain, that’s why I love Plann’s Brand Calendars.



The Salted Sweets

Brooke is the self-taught baker behind The Salted Sweets. She loves sharing her sweet and simple baked goods with her followers and understands the importance of a cohesive feed for selling her brand identity.

Her favorite thing about Plann? Being able to see all of her ideas and content mapped out on Plann’s Visual Planner.

2. Eating Empowered With Mercedes

With Plann I love being able to see the grid and adding captions when I’m ready.



Eating Empowered

Chef and nutrition coach Mercedes is helping people find joy in the kitchen again, and inspiring them to eat cleaner with her plant-based meals.

Before Plann, Mercedes used her notes app to transfer her captions once the post was ready to go live, but that was getting messy and unorganized.

With Plann’s scheduling feature, Mercedes is confident that she can store all of her content and captions in one place, and schedule them at optimal posting times, too.

3. Regaining Time With Ottimo Gelato

I love the repost feature! Makes sharing from Instagram to Facebook a breeze!


Ottimo Gelato

& Coffee

Ottimo Gelato is the brainchild of a talented husband and wife duo behind My Gelato. With a lot on their plates, the pair needed to make sure their content was going out on time.

The added benefit of Plann? They can easily reshare and repurpose content across multiple social media platforms, effortlessly boosting their reach.

4. Finding Success Through Auto-Posting With Danielle Of Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes

I love it all! I’ve been using Plann since the very beginning of beta testing days and I absolutely love every new feature that comes out.


Danielle Zeman

Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes

Danielle is the face behind Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes, and she’s been using Plann since the early days. Danielle says her favorite feature (if she had to pick one) is Plann’s auto-posting feature. Being able to set and forget her post has opened up time for other things.

And another thing she loves? Being able to put the hashtags into the first comment – and having them auto-post too!

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