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How Self-Help Coach Negar Jay Grew An Engaged Audience Of 36k+ Social Media Followers With Plann

Negar Jay founded her self-help platform, Innervibration, to create an engaged community of like-minded followers looking to level up their mindset and create an abundant life.

With an impressive 14k+ followers on Instagram and over 20k+ on TikTok, Negar’s been able to boost engagement and foster a community online by showing up consistently on social media. She credits Plann’s all-in-one solution with helping her keep on top of it all.

Finding Consistency With Auto-Posting

Life on social media before my angel Plann app was exhausting and felt like a chore. It felt like something I ‘had’ to do and now it’s something I LOVE to do. It’s become a creative avenue for me.


Negar Jay


Negar thinks back on how she built her brand from the ground up, and the challenges of growing a social media following along the way. Gone are the days when she had to set reminders to manually post every few hours. Now she taps into Plann’s auto-post feature.

She also says she’s found the inspiration to craft more creative content with Plann’s Visual Planner and daily content prompts.  And on top of that, she’s seen a significant increase in followers which she credits to having a bank of high-performing hashtags at her fingertips.

Bulk Crafting Engaging Content

Plann has made it easy and  fun to plan content  and schedule content for 150 days in advance so I can get back to what really matters: engagement and relationship building!


Negar Jay


With a busy schedule as an entrepreneur and coach, Negar doesn’t have time to sit down daily to create content and ensure it goes out at the right time every time.

She says Plann has given her everything she needs as an influencer or content creator to succeed on social media. The ability to bulk-create her content means she can stay ahead, plan in advance and foster a thriving community of like-minded followers (and potential clients!).

Securing Opportunities With Social Media

Plann has made it possible for me to get noticed and has brought me so much more than clients.


Negar Jay


Negar says she’s had collaborations, partnerships, speaking engagements, podcasts, and interviews, and made a ton of friends all from social media.

Using social media to secure business opportunities is what makes Innervibration what it is today, thanks to Plann.  By being able to respond to comments directly within her Plann workspace, Negar never misses an important opportunity to keep her audience and business growing.

Negar’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Be authentically and unapologetically you:

    “Know your brand! Visuals speak volumes.”

  • Get creative and experiment:

    “Try new strategies, get creative, and don’t be afraid of getting less likes. Use all of Plann’s features to play with your content and see what you’re most happy with.”

  • Consistency is priceless:

    “I am no expert and I’m constantly learning, but my best advice is to post fiercely.  Stay in the game long enough to be noticed. Earn your audience’s attention. Bring value through every post.”



Negar Jay


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