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How Plann Helped Ovira Build A Purpose-Driven Brand And Community of 169k+ Followers On Social Media

Ovira is an Aussie female-led healthcare startup changing the conversation around women’s bodies. That starts with the groundbreaking wearable device they’ve created that instantly relieves menstrual cramps and extends to the taboo-smashing content they’re famous for on social media.

Shattering Stereotypes And Taboos

From PCOS to periods, Ovira aren’t afraid to tackle taboo topics. It’s not hard to see how this healthcare brand has amassed over 169k Instagram followers, driven by Ovira’s raw, honest and relatable content.

We’ve been able to lean into social media to publish content that educates and smash stigmas, so that we can encourage conversations, empower women and restore positive social norms.


Georgia Finney

Creative Lead

As Ovira’s talented creative lead Georgia Finney explains, “our content aims to show people they deserve to be heard, understood and proud of their bodies without carrying the weight of period taboo and shame that have been around for far too long.”

Sharing UGC To Foster An Engaged Community

In the early days, Ovira’s social media strategy was focused on building brand awareness. To achieve this, the Ovira team focused on learning more about their customers and audiences to ensure their social media content resonated with their ideal customers.

Sharing UGC of our customers and their customer journey, helps our followers to feel represented which has been quite powerful in us showing that we’re here for our entire audience, regardless of shape, age, race, orientation and beyond.


Georgia Finney

Creative Lead

To strengthen their Instagram community, the team leveraged user-generated content (UGC) to ensure their followers felt seen, no matter what background they came from.

Visually Planning For Success

With Plann’s all-in-one social media suite by their side, the Ovira team have been about to ideate, develop and execute their social media strategies with ease.

Unlike other tools, Plann offered a visual-first workspace with drag and drop functionality to make it easy and efficient to plan, create and schedule content. Being able to see what Ovira’s feed would look like ahead of time was a gamechanger, ensuring the brand’s visual identity was cohesive and appealing at all times.

With a built-in image library, handy strategy tools and plug-and-play content pillars, Plann’s user-friendly interface was “a breath of fresh air” for the Ovira team.

Georgia’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram

  • Lead with purpose

    Be crystal clear on your brand values and what you stand for, and who you think you can add the most value into their lives.

  • Interact and engage with your audience

    Each comment is an opportunity to build trust and leave a positive impression. Speak to them like you would a friend, not a business.

  • Visual consistency = strong brand awareness

    Keep your feed unequivocally ‘you’ as a brand. Make sure it aligns with what you stand for and is visually cohesive and increases brand recognition.





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