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How Neuroscience-Based Therapist Elle Mcbride Used Plann to Grow Her Brand And Build A Thriving Community

Elle Louise McBride, a certified Neuroscience-based therapist and founder of The Enlighten Co, is on a mission to help her clients overcome emotional pain and trauma through the transformative power of the ‘Havening’ technique.

To scale her coaching and wellness business, Elle needed an all-in-one social media suite to streamline her content creation, reach her target audience and grow your following. With Plann, she has been able to optimize her posts, harness high-performing hashtags and grow her follower base to thousands of loyal fans.

Boosting Followers Through Consistent Posting

I used to get sidetracked and post randomly, or even forget to post altogether. Plann has been such a savior for this!


Elle Mcbride


Elle would characterize her early days trying to build her brand on social media as a “bit of a mess!”  Struggling to find her aesthetic and learning how to communicate her unique voice didn’t always go to plan, and she sometimes felt a bit lost, or let her socials fall to the wayside.

But the more she learned about Instagram, and the more consistently she posted, the easier she found it. With Plann’s scheduling tools ensuring she never forgot to make a post, she quickly found her voice and noticed a significant boost in her following.

Finding Flexibility When Creating Engaging Content

What I love the most about Plann is that I can not only make my feed look great but I can also sit and write my content when I’m in the mood.


Elle Mcbride


Running a tight schedule and working with a number of 1:1 clients, Elle knew that the key to showing up consistently on social media was having the right support in place.

By allowing Elle the freedom and flexibility to create content at her own pace, Plann’s visual planner has empowered her to produce content that takes her followers on a journey. Having the ability to save her images in one place and come back to craft engaging captions in her own time has been a game-changer for Elle.

Building Her Brand Through Authenticity

I love how social media brings people together, and the hashtags sets help me do that! It makes it so easy to remember to use them!


Elle Mcbride


Elle credits social media with connecting her wellness brand with followers across the globe. Plann’s hashtag manager is one of Elle’s favorite ways of gaining traction and reaching like-minded people through social media.  It allows her to reach out and connect with individuals she wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet.

Elles’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Keep your aesthetics consistent:

    “Always use the same or similar filter where possible.”

  • Champion original content:

    “Try to not use pictures that aren’t yours, or at least tag the original owner!”

  • Focus on how your feed flows:

    “The best tip I was given was to make each fourth image a quote. This has really helped me to create my flow and also to ensure it’s not harsh or image-heavy.”



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