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How Plann Helped Milly Rose Bannister Engage Her 154k+ Audience And Build An Authentic Personal Brand

Content creator, Aussie charity founder and impact-led creative director Milly Rose Bannister didn’t grow her 154k+ audience overnight. For Milly, drawing on her values as a not-for-profit founder has helped her to cultivate a highly engaged community of like-minded followers. With the help of Plann, Milly has been able to consistently show up for your audience and curate an aesthetic and authentic social media presence.

Growing A Value-Aligned Audience

Along with her thriving personal brand account, Milly heads up the Gen Z mental health charity, ALLKND and the personal branding studio, Me For Good. Drawing on her own experiences with mental health struggles, she has created a raw, honest educational platform to help others navigate their mental health journey and feel less alone along the way.

You have to actually dig into your own values and your own stories to actually start creating something that is really authentic to you, which at the end of the day is what people are going to relate to.


Milly Rose Bannister

Personal Brand

Harnessing Authentic Storytelling

I think it just needs to feel natural and if it doesn’t feel natural, then don’t post it.


Milly Rose Bannister

Personal Brand

Strategic planning has been essential for Milly to build her loyal following. By mapping out her editorial calendar in advance, she is able to pinpoint the key messages she wants to communicate first and then find the right asset to match it.

One of Milly’s favorite ways to build trust with her followers is to use authentic storytelling in her videos and captions. By sharing her story and leveraging her personal experiences, Milly has been able to stand out and foster deep connections with her audience.

Tapping Into Content Pillars

When you have your content pillars sorted, you can figure out how you can create great content around them dilly-dallying into empty space.


Milly Rose Bannister

Personal Brand

Running multiple charities and businesses can be a juggling act. By leaning on Plann’s daily content prompts and monthly done-for-you content calendars, Milly is able to make sure she doesn’t miss an important holiday or seasonal moment (such as mental health awareness month).

Milly’s Top Tip For Brands On Instagram:

  • Be intentional about getting your personal brand out there:

    “As much as I like to believe that if you have a great brand, people then will find you, it doesn’t always work like that. There are so many people on Instagram but they aren’t always going to find you. So at the moment, I use hashtags predominantly, I often tag locations and tag other creators, but I also use Pinterest.”



Milly Bannister


  • Personal Brand

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