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How Senior Social Media Manager Maeve Emmott Has Used Plann To Secure More Bookings For Hospitality Clients

With the help and support of Plann, Senior Social Media Manager at hospitality marketing agency Goya Communications, Maeve Emmott has improved her team’s workflows and management of their client’s social media presence to ultimately secure more bookings and drive sales for her suite of hospitality clients.

Securing Bookings With Social Media

Social media, specifically Instagram, has helped us to reach new audiences and prospective customers for each of our restaurant clients.


Maeve Emmott


Social media has been an enormous help for Maeve’s marketing agency and for her hospitality clients too. Through strategic social media marketing, her restaurant clients have been able to reach new audiences, increase their online presence and ultimately secure more bookings.

By using social media, Maeve and the Goya Communications team are able to enhance the success of their client’s organic content. Specifically, they’ve prioritized collaborating with industry-specific influencers as well as running competitions and giveaways, which have enabled their clients to secure more in-venue bookings.

Focusing On Creating Engaging Content

Plann’s scheduling and auto-posting feature has made my life so much easier and means that I can give more time to creating engaging content for our clients.


Maeve Emmott


Ensuring her clients are always showing up consistently on social media, Maeve utilized Plann’s scheduling and auto-posting feature to make manual posting a thing of the past. Instead, Maeve and her team are able to focus their time and energy on the creative content creation process and let Plann handle the rest.

In fact, Maeve shares that Plann’s all-in-one social media suite was so easy to use, her team was able to pick it up and start using it effectively within an hour of signing up.

Plus, they’re able to simplify their workflows, with everything they need in one place from hashtag banks to image folders and strategy blocks. The team even finally feel comfortable taking time off for rest and relaxation without worrying about manually posting all 10 of their client’s social media content.

Planning Future Shoots

Every social media manager in the hospitality industry will know how important planning client shoots are for the success of their business. Using Plann’s Strategy Blocks feature, Maeve is able to pre-plan upcoming shoots and work out exactly what content, whether it’s Reels or photo posts need to be captured in their next shoots for each specific client.

Maeve’s Top Tips For Hospitality Businesses On Instagram:

  • Consistent posting:

    “Create and post engaging Reels and video content consistently.”

  • Brand consistency:

    “Make sure that the aesthetic and tone of voice is consistent and reflective of your business.”

  • Collaboration and community management:

    “Collaborate with other on-brand accounts and make sure that you respond to every DM, comment, and tagged post in a timely manner.”



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