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How Plann Helped Fashion Blogger That Gipsy Girl Gain Build Influence And Grow An Audience

Fashion blogger Nikita Sundi (a.k.a. That Gipsy Girl) began learning the ropes of social media back in 2019 when she launched her website. With a  focus on her unique style and personality, she quickly found a way to connect with her audience.

But as a busy student, she often found it difficult to remember to post, develop a cohesive feed, and build the influence in the fashion world she had dreamed of. That’s when she turned to Plann.

Regaining Hours Each Week

Plann has really helped me set and forget without worrying that I won’t have a post go live.


Nikita Sundi


Before Plann, Nikita admits she struggled to keep her feed consistent and cohesive. She knew how important an aesthetic feed is to succeed as a blogger. During her studies, she also found it difficult to keep on top of posting regularly – until she discovered Plann.

Gone are the days of worrying that she won’t have a post go live, thanks to Plann’s auto-post feature. Plus, with Plann’s strategic planning tools, she has been able to craft an engaging mix of content themes and types to keep your feed fresh and inspiring.

Inspiring Others And Building Connections

My favorite thing about social media is that it can really create my own sense of style, and then, I can inspire others through it.


Nikita Sundi


Nikita turned to social media to express her style, and hopefully inspire others, with a follower count of almost 1.1K.  And she knows that the competition can be tough out there these days. That’s why she offers something a little different: a strong community and regular content, powered by Plann’s all-in-one social media suite.

Harnessing A Visual-First Planner

The first thing I noticed when I started using Plann was that it shows the layout of the Instagram feed, which helps me to arrange the post accordingly.


Nikita Sundi


Nikita says she’s been able to use Plann’s visual planner to create a layout that helps to get the tone right as well as boost engagement.

Her favorite feature? Being able to move posts around and make sure she’s happy with the layout before my posts go live.

Nikita’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Be consistent:

    “The competition can be tough, so let your followers know they can rely on you for regular content.”

  • Find an app that works for you:

    “Use the app Plann to schedule all the posts, and arrange them according to the aesthetics”

  • Don’t compare yourself to others:

    “Don’t compare your content with someone else because you know the best version of you, so stay confident.”



Nikita Sundi


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