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How CEO Mads Gjøl Tapped Into Plann To Grow His Digital Marketing Agency, Flip The Table

Mads Gjøl, CEO of Flip The Table, launched a cutting-edge digital marketing agency in Copenhagen. With a background as a restaurant manager, Mads recognized the untapped potential of social media in transforming the hospitality industry’s marketing strategies.

By leveraging Plann’s powerful social media management features, Mads and his team have been able to increase brand awareness, drive restaurant bookings and boost sales for their clients.

Visually Planning For Success

Knowing that we can easily see what our client’s social media feeds will look like before we post has helped us create and maintain a consistent aesthetic and brand image for our clients.


Mads Gjøl


Mads’ was keen to tap into the power of social media to reach a wider audience, foster engaged communities and increase bookings for his clients.

To do this, he harnessed the power of Plann’s Visual Planner, a tool that lets Mads visualize and fine-tune the aesthetics of his clients’ feeds before any content is posted.

By seamlessly mapping out the visual journey and crafting a cohesive aesthetic, Mads and his team can maintain a consistent brand image across all of their client’s social media channels.

A smartphone screen displays a social media management app with posts, stories, and reels, showing various images and tips for improving business rankings. The username "@flipthetabledk" is visible at the top, highlighting the use of a social media scheduler. | plannthat.com

Regaining Hours Each Week

With Plann’s scheduling and auto-posting tools we can plan and execute our clients’ social media strategy efficiently and effectively, and spend more time creating quality content.


Mads Gjøl


Manual posting to social media was becoming tedious and time-consuming for Mads and his team. They sought a solution to streamline their workflow and reclaim hours each week.

That’s why he’s turned to Plann’s Auto Posting feature to help him effortlessly manage his client’s social media platforms (without spending hours manually posting content after work and on the weekends).

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Plann provides a huge range of features that have been very helpful in enhancing our clients’ social media presence.


Mads Gjøl


Mads’ favorite tool? Plann’s Analytics features.

Leveraging these insights, Mads and his team can gain a deeper understanding of their client’s social media performance, identify trends, analyze engagement metrics, and refine their strategic planning to maximize results and achieve meaningful impact.

Person holding a phone with social media analytics; left image shows best times to post, right image displays engagement rate graph at 34% | Social media scheduler | plannthat.com

Mads’ Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Be consistent:

    “Consistency is key, so it’s important to post regularly and maintain a consistent brand image.”

  • Build a community:

    “You should also engage with your followers and respond to comments and messages promptly.”

  • Know your audience:

    “To succeed on social media it is essential to know your target audience and create content that resonates with them.”


  • Restaurants & Cafes

“So much information packed into a small amount of time”
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