5 Social Media Topics We’d Love You To Blog About 

Blog inspiration! Here are a few blogs on social media we’d love you read, because Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are tricky little beasts to understand…

We love blogs on social media and marketing and how to remove red wine stains from carpet. And how to remove red wine stains from clothes. Red wine removal blogs are pretty much our bread and butter.

Here are a few social media topics we’d really like to read about.

1. Anything About Algorithms (that is evidence-based)

Everyone loves writing about the various algorithms that control our ability to rank higher, get more followers and become better people. There are loads of blogs out there that talk about how the Instagram algorithm has changed and what Facebook and Twitter are probably trying to do with their changes to the code and…

Where’s the data?

It would be cool to see some chunky scientific tests on exactly how various things impact performance and what actions people can take to improve.


2. Easy to Understand Design Blogs

Designers have their own language and it’s harder to learn than ancient Russian. I can’t visualize a mockup and I don’t know where the horizon line is. Also, I tried using Adobe Illustrator and spent the next three days crying in the foetal position. 

How about a design blog that is written in plain English with examples and step-by-step instructions? Please?

3. Stuff That Shows ‘Why’

“This grid is awesome!”

“This social media influencer takes great shots!”

“We really love this concept!”

But whhhyyyyyy??

Imagine if someone…probably you…would write a blog on the reason behind awesomeness? 


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FREE Copywriting Guide: How To Write Epic Captions, Even If You’re Not A Writer

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4. Articles About How to Understand My Own Stuff

There are so many analytics tools in the world these days. It feels like only yesterday when we didn’t measure anything and just smashed the world with pics of our breakfast and everyone thought that was just fine.

Now, you need an advanced mathematics degree to work out how much engagement you have. Whatever that means.

How about a blog that shows us normal people how to understand whether what we’re doing is good, and how to improve?

That’d be sweet.

5. More Red Wine Removal Articles

Because, you know, life.

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