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Social Strategies You Need For Your Best Black Friday Ever
Meet The Speakers
Get prepared for the BIGGEST MONEY-MAKING shopping period of the year! This jam-packed webinar is for business owners that want to setup for their best Black Friday ever.
Greta Rose Evans
Social Media Educator
Greta started her career as an influencer, and has spent almost a decade creating content for brands such as Focus Feature Films, Billabong, and Shangri-La Resorts. She knows her way around growing brands on social media and is passionate about helping others grow their confidence.

Product Marketing + User Education

Sarah Sweeney
Video Marketing
Sarah has been working in TV/ Media for over 16 years, and has created content for Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Apple, and Amazon, campaigns that have been seen by millions. She knows a thing or two about creating engaging and impactful content through video.

Video Marketing Expert

Jarrah Brailey
Social Media Agency
Jarrah has a knack for turning data into dollars and a passion for a people-first marketing approach.

As our resident paid ads guru, she has created strategies for household brands like FIFA, Rexona and Cushii, and is a pro at humanising brands with authentic story-telling and transforming clicks into customers.

Head of Strategy + Memes

Kat Tepylo Murphy
Social Media Agency

Kat Tepylo Murphy works with small businesses to make social media not just tolerable but FUN and EFFECTIVE.

Black Friday Tip: Don’t worry about annoying people with your emails or social posts on BFCM. Your business deserves to promote itself just as much as the big brands do.

Head of Strategy + Memes

What You’ll Learn

How-to create a custom social media strategy and what content you need to drive sales
Creating video content that will increase conversion and enhance the customer shopping experience
Strategies for making your brand shine in a competitive market
The key to social selling – actionable tips to build your sales funnel and get your social media working for you this Black Friday
Black Friday and beyond – extending the value of the sale period to maximise your sales records