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A photograph that you take of yourself, typically using a smartphone camera held at arm’s length, with the intention of posting it online.

What is a Selfie?

A selfie is a photograph that you take of yourself, typically using the front-facing camera on a smartphone held at arm’s length.  Selfies are often shared on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  They can be casual snapshots or more carefully composed artistic expressions.

Mastering the Art of the Self-Portrait:

Now that you know what a selfie is, let’s explore some tips and tricks to take your selfies to the next level:

  • Lighting Up Your Look: Embrace the power of diffused natural light for a flattering and well-lit selfie. Avoid harsh overhead lighting or direct sunlight, which can create unflattering shadows.
  • Finding Your Perfect Pose: Not all angles are created equal. Tilt your head slightly and experiment with different positions to find what highlights your features.
  • Perfecting Your Pose: Ditch the stiffness! Relax your shoulders and find a natural posture that complements your chosen head angle. Explore different hand placements to add personality to your selfie.
  • Captivating Eyes: Ensure your eyes are well-focused and in focus within the frame. Catch the light softly in your eyes for a touch of life.
  • Editing: Enhance, Don’t Overdo: Editing tools can be your friend for subtle enhancements like adjusting brightness, contrast, or adding light filters. But avoid heavy editing that can make you look unrecognizable.

Bonus Selfie-Taking Tips:

  • Smile Brightly (or Smize!): A genuine smile instantly brightens your face and conveys positive energy. Channel your inner Tyra Banks and smize (smile with your eyes) for an extra touch of confidence.
  • Background Matters: Choose a clean and interesting background that complements your outfit and doesn’t distract from you.
  • Multiple Takes Make Perfect: Don’t settle for the first shot. Take a few selfies to capture the perfect angle and expression.

Confidence is Key: Own your selfie with confidence! Projecting positivity and self-assurance will shine through in the final photo.


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