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BeReal is a social media app that emphasizes authenticity over curated perfection. It encourages capturing a snapshot of your current moment, at a random time.

What is BeReal?

BeReal is a photo-sharing app designed to break away from the staged and polished nature of other social media platforms. Every day, users receive a notification to capture a simultaneous selfie and a photo of their surroundings within a two-minute window. These unfiltered and unedited snapshots offer a glimpse into what users are truly up to in their daily lives.

How Does BeReal Work?

  • The Daily Surprise: Once a day, BeReal sends a notification at a random time. Users have two minutes to capture a “BeReal” – a simultaneous selfie and a wide-angle shot of their surroundings.
  • No Filters, No Edits: The app discourages editing or using filters, promoting authenticity over aesthetics.
  • See Your Friends’ Bereals: After capturing your BeReal, you can see what your friends have posted, but only if you’ve shared yours first.

BeReal Bio Ideas

Feeling stuck crafting your BeReal bio? Here are some ideas to spark creativity:

  • “Catch me if you can (within the 2-minute window!)”
  • “Sharing my unfiltered reality, one BeReal at a time.”
  • “No filters, just good vibes and whatever’s happening right now.”
  • “Let’s see what today brings! #BeReal”


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