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Create + Schedule post to Instagram with Plann Desktop

How-To Schedule Your First Instagram Post with Plann

Learn how to schedule your first post and publish it to Instagram with Ashley.

Ashley Thumbnail - Auto Post

How to Turn On Auto Posting for Instagram Business Accounts

Enter that freedom feeling of designing, creating & auto posting your Instagram from A-N-Y-W...

How to Add Free Stock Images and Videos

How to Add Free Stock Images and Videos on Plann

Learn where to find and how to add from our free stock image + video library inside Plann with Ch...


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How to Create Content Effortlessly

How to Create Content Effortlessly

​​​​​​​In this live webinar we’re sharing how Plann’s upgraded media manager he...

Plan with Plann: Increasing Your Social Media Visibility

Plan with Plann: Increasing Your Social Media Visibility

We recorded this LIVE webinar of Plan with Plann so you can enjoy it here. This session is all ab...


Done-For-You Content, advanced analytics, and a birds-eye-view
of all your upcoming branded content, Plann Plus offers you more.
Done For You Feature Page Banner

Done for You Social Media Captions – Plann

Caption generators, royalty-free libraries, daily thought starters and social media holidays are jus...

Analytics Feature Page Banner

Instagram Scheduling – Plann

How Plann becomes the loudest cheerleader in your marketing team.

Brand Calendar Feature Page Banner

Visual Marketing Calendar Packed with Content Ideas – Plann

From social posts, email newsletters, collaborations, blogs and everything in between, map out your ...

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Plann 101

How do I connect my Instagram Business Account?

So, you are wanting to connect your Instagram Business Accounts to Plann… how exciting! Learn More >>

What platforms does Plann support?

All Plann Plus members have the ability to plan, strategize, create, and schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Can I auto post to Instagram?

YES! Simply connect your Instagram Business account and have a go at scheduling your first post!
Facebook/Instagram doesn’t currently support auto posting for stories/Reels. This is a limitation that affects all social media scheduling tools like us. cry emoji

The moment they change this, we’ll add it straight into Plann!

Until then, simply create and schedule your stories/Reels in Plann. When it’s time to post, you’ll receive a push notification to your mobile device. When you tap the notification, it’ll open the image in Plann and from there you can simply tap the Copy & Paste button to open it in Instagram.

How much does a Plann subscription cost?

We have a great range of subscriptions to suit ANY size brand on Instagram! Learn more >>