Plann 101

How to Create and Schedule a Post to Instagram 101

Learn how to schedule your first post and publish it to Instagram with Greta Rose from Plann.

How to Schedule and Post Instagram Stories

Learn how to schedule your first post and publish to Instagram with Plann.

How to Schedule to a Facebook Business Page

It’s time to learn how to schedule a post to your Facebook Business page!

How to Create a LinkedIn Schedule that Auto Posts

It’s time to set and forget your LinkedIn posts.

How to Schedule from the Plann Calendar

Christy from Plann takes you through how to schedule a post right from the Plann calendar.

How to Repurpose and Recycle Content

Learn how to recycle and repurpose content across social media platforms.

How to Respond to Comments and Mentions

Answer questions and engage with your community directly in Plann!

How to Edit, Crop and Add Text to Images

Greta Rose gives a quick rundown of how to use Plann’s suite of beautiful editing tools!

How to Use Canva x Plann

*Sigh* Plann x Canva = a match made in social media heaven