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Introducing Plann + Canva: a match made in social media heaven

Plann and Canva

Introducing Plann + Canva

As of today, Canva excitingly becomes a member of our extended family.
You can now create, design and schedule your social graphics with Canva – without leaving Plann!


The constant mission to source and create compelling social posts and graphics is finally over.
No more downloading images, re-uploading into your scheduler, only to spot a spelling mistake and having to start over, you can now use Canva from right inside Plann (and quickly edit if something doesn’t look right).

Life-changing, right?!

How does Plann + Canva work?

Simply open Plann (Desktop only) and when choosing your next piece of media to upload, you’ll find a new option to log in (or sign up) to Canva. A new window will open where you can import your creation straight into Plann where you can start scheduling immediately.

See it live in action here:

Plann with Canva


Plus! If you’re a paying Canva customer, you’ll have access to your branding suite and pre-saved templates too!
Yes – all of your brand colors, fonts and templates available from right inside Plann.



What can I make with Canva?

With thousands of stock images, templates, elements font choices and more, the possibilities are endless!
Here’s what’s possible with Plann + Canva

Can I make videos too?

Right now the Canva window doesn’t support any video/gif/motion content or their video/motion templates, as Canva doesn’t support publishing an mp4 type file just yet. We’ve sent them a love note on your behalf as we know how much you’d love to use this.

Great! Are there any other limits?

While building the Plann + Canva window, here are helpful things we thought you’d like to know:

> Designs made within the Plann + Canva window will ONLY save to Plann, and only after you click the Publish button.
They will not save to your Canva account.

> If you have multiple Canva accounts/teams, there is currently no way to switch between them within the Canva window.
You will have to go to Canva.com and switch team/accounts there, or log out and back into the account you’d like to use.

> You won’t be able to access any of your Plann media collections from inside the Canva window.
You’ll have to export it from Plann and re-upload it within the Canva window to use.

We’ve popped Canva a few love notes about these on your behalf too.

Let’s get started!

By creating beautiful graphics, optimizing your social workflow and keeping everything in one beautiful place – you’re on the fastest road to building a strong global brand, influence, and of course – a faster way to make sales on socials.

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With love,
Christy Laurence
Plann Founder

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