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What do our themes mean?

Here’s how we define our top picked themes.

People buy from people! Showing your brand as human with real dreams, visions and aspirations and your motivations behind why you wake up everyday makes you much more relatable!

Examples include: sharing what you’re working on, your workspace, your morning routine, product development, what you do in your downtime or taking us behind the scenes at an event.

Teaching your audience something or sharing something you’ve learned is how to raise your profile, your credibility and authority in your space. Giving someone bite-sized, helpful pieces of information makes you memorable when they have those exact problems you have explained you can solve.

Examples include: a tutorial, sharing something you’ve recently found you don’t think others don’t know about, sharing results of something you’ve been testing, new apps you’ve found.

Add a shot of your product, just remember to tie it in with the lifestyle you’re selling.

Share with the world the great things other people are saying about working with you!

Examples include: Use Plann to create a ‘quote’ image, or share an image of the person singing your song and include their lovely thoughts in the caption – and of course – how someone can get in touch with you if they’d also like

Posting images from other members of your community, sharing a win of someone else, or speaking specifically to a group of people (usually by showing vulnerability) are used to create a community vibe.

Examples include: sharing something you’re struggling with, something you’ve observed, asking for help, reposting someone from your community, sharing a win with your followers and talking vulnerably and truthfully.

This is the most popular of all Instagram posts. Inspirational posts prompt an emotional response from audiences, providing them with the tools to ‘imagine’ if they had your product, service or taking a break with your delicious hot coffee.

Examples include: Decide on the ‘lifestyle’ of your brand. Are you Boho, Luxe or Cheap’n cheerful?

Instagram isn’t about the ‘product on a white background’ life. (Well, sometimes?!), but you’ll find the success comes from tying your product to a way of life that your target audience can relate to.

This post could be a beautiful landscape, a prop, or an outfit.


Examples: Decide on the ‘lifestyle’ of your brand.
– Are you at-the-beach-whimsical and boho?
– Luxe, and upmarket with super sleek props

– Cheap’n cheerful?

Create quotes and wonderful words of wisdom to share with your audience.

Instagram ‘Story-Selling’ Strategy

The secret to Instagram is that it’s not an online portfolio, it’s a community building and story telling machine.

By telling your brand story, you’ll create advocates and humanise your brand quickly and effectively.

Use our strategy feature to organise and plan your brand story in advance,
you’ll never run out of content ideas while plotting out your themes over the next week or month.

Why Storytelling?

Storytelling (or ‘story-selling’ as we like to call it!) helps your audience fall in love with your brand faster.

Telling a story creates authenticity, trust and invites an audience to engage with you
– all without feeling like you’re selling! YAS!~

Not all themes will work for everyone, we recommend trying a couple and using Plann analytics to see which posts get the best traction from your audience.
A couple of themes working really well? Double down, optimise and see what happens!