How To Set Up Facebook Business Manager For Your Page & Instagram Account

We discuss why you should start advertising on Facebook just in case you’re still on the fence.

Lauren Melnick
8 minutes read

“Facebook is dead!”

“Don’t bother with Facebook, Instagram has a much higher engagement rate!”

“You’ll get much better results with email than Facebook”.

What a load of c**p in a wine glass!

Facebook is one of the most effective online advertising channels. So much so, that people spent $16.6 billion on Facebook Advertising in 2019!

If you’re looking to dip your toe into running paid ads, you’ve come to the right place. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll know how to:

– Create a Business Manager account and sync it to your Facebook Page and Instagram account.

– Add team members and partners.

– Create your first ad.

– Set up Facebook Pixels and other cool features.

But before we dive in, let’s discuss why you should start advertising on Facebook just in case you’re still on the fence:

Why You Should Start Advertising on Facebook 

– It’s super effective. 96% of social media marketers say it’s the best-paid advertising option out of all the social media networks.

– It has a massive audience size. Over two billion people see Facebook ads every month, and most users spend at least one hour a day on the platform. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your content.

– It won’t break the bank. Facebook Advertising is cheaper than Google Adwords or traditional options. Its affordable price point helps small businesses grow – if used correctly.

– The targeting options on Facebook are unbeatable. Don’t waste time pushing ads to people who aren’t your ideal customer. Facebook Advertising gives you the option to target users by age, demographics, gender, life events, behaviour, and so much more.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a one-stop-shop for managing all your Facebook marketing and advertising activities. It’s a hub for controlling your Facebook Page, Instagram account and product catalogues.

It helps you:

– Separate your business activities from your personal account.

– Track your Facebook Ads from a central hub with detailed analytics o

n what’s working and what isn’t.

– Give access to your Facebook Pages without having to hand over ownership, and you can remove access just as easily.

Facebook Ads Manager vs Business Manager: What’s the Difference?

Ads Manager: Ads Manager is only used for managing and creating ad campaigns.

Business Manager: Business Manager is used for managing Facebook pages, providing access to those accounts and managing ad accounts. Think of it as the hub of all Facebook management.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Create a Facebook Business Manager account

– Go to business.Facebook.com and click on the “Create Account” button.

– Follow the account set-up prompts.You’ll need to enter your business details like address, phone number and website.

Specify if you’re using Business Manager to promote your business or to provide a service (e.g. Facebook Ads Manager).

– When you’re finished, click “Submit”.

Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How To Set Up Shopping On Socials
Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How To Set Up Shopping On Socials

Learn how to get set up to make sales via your socials!

Add Your Facebook Business Page

– From your Business Manager dashboard, look for the “Accounts” section on the left-hand side and click on “Pages”.

– A second column will appear called “Pages”. Click on the “+ Add” button.

– You’ll have three options to choose from: Add a page you already own, request access to someone else’s page or create a new page.– Make your selection, follow the prompts and your Facebook page will be connected to your Business Manager account.

Add Your Facebook Ad Account

If you’ve already set up a Facebook Ads Manager account, you can connect both accounts and manage them from a central location.

– From your Business Manager dashboard, look for the “Accounts” section on the left-hand side and click on “Ad Accounts”.

– Click on the blue “+Add” button.

– Enter the Ad Account ID number associated with your account. You can find it in your Ads Manager dashboard.

– Click on “Add Ad Account”.

– If you don’t have an ad account set up, select the “Create a New Ad Account” option and follow the prompts.

– If you want to access someone else’s ad account, select the “Request Access” option and follow the prompts.

Add People to Your Team

Want to add your Facebook Ads Manager or other team members to your page and ad campaigns? Business Manager lets you add team members and control their access.

Here’s how to set up your team:

– From your Business Manager dashboard, look for “Users” on the left-hand side of the screen and click on “People”.– A second column will appear. Click on the blue “+Add” button.

– Enter the person’s email address (you can assign the same access to up to 20 people at once).– Assign their business role (employee or admin access).

– Assign additional roles (finance analyst and finance editor).

– Click “Next”, and a new pop up box will load.

– Select which page to assign to the team member.– You can customise individual access for each “Asset Type” by using the toggles in the “Set Permission” column.

– When you’re done, click on “Invite”.

How to remove people from your team or change roles:

– From your Business Manager dashboard, look for “Users” on the left-hand side of the screen and click on “People”.

– Select the person’s name and click on the “Edit” button.

– Here you can change the person’s role or remove them from your team.



Share or Request Access With Business Partners 

When you add a partner, they can manage permissions for individuals on their teams from their Business Manager Account. It saves you time assigning and managing permissions.

– From your Business Manager dashboard, look for “Users” on the left-hand side of the screen and click on “Partners”.– Select “+Add” to share assets with a partner or request assets from a partner.

– To add a partner, you’ll need their Business Manager ID. If you need to give your Business Manager ID to someone, you’ll find it under Business Settings -> Business Info.

– Enter the ID number and click on “Add”.

Add your Instagram account

With your Facebook Page connected, it’s time to add your Instagram account to Facebook Business Manager.

Here’s how:

– From your Business Manager dashboard, look for “Accounts” on the left-hand side of the screen and click on “Instagram Accounts”.

– Click on the “+ Add” button.– A pop-up box will ask you to enter your Instagram login information.– Click on “Login”, and your account is synced.

Setting Up Your Billing & Payment Information

Before you can start your first campaign, you’ll need to add a payment. It’s a good idea to add two to avoid your ads being turned off if your primary payment method fails.

Here’s how to add your billing information:

– From your Business Manager dashboard, scroll down until you see “Payments” in the left-hand side panel.

– Click on the blue “+ Add Payment Method” button.– Here, you can enter your credit card details and also select your billing country and currency.– Click “Continue” to complete the set-up.

– Once you’re done, you can add a second payment method.

Create Your First Ad

– Click on “Business Settings” in the top left corner of the Business Manager Dashboard.

– Select “Ads Manager”.– A new page will load with a green “+ Create” button.

– Click it to set up your campaign objective, target audience, budget, schedule and ad types.

Other Cool Things You Can Set-Up With Business Manager

Facebook Pixels: Facebook Pixels are a piece of code that you can place on your website. It tracks your visitors and gives you information on conversions, helps you optimise your tags, build targeted audiences and remarket your ads to leads.

Increase security: Worried about getting hacked? From the Security Center of your Business Manager dashboard, you can set-up two-factor authentication for everyone.

Business Asset Group: A Business Asset Group lets you easily organise and share assets with everyone on your team. You can use categories like brand, region, or agency and add assets like Instagram accounts, pixels, ad accounts, pages and more.


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