How To Grow Your Blog In 2024

Bogged-down blog? Analytics numbers so low you could limbo? Step inside for our actionable steps to grow your blog. Take back control of your blog’s growth – you and your brand are worth it!

Ashleigh Cook
8 minutes read

7 Actionable Steps Toward Sustainable Blogging Success

Every blogger has been there before, waiting nervously for their traffic and income to increase. Growing a blog from the ground up can be tough, and sustainable success takes a good strategy and hard work. However, it’s incredibly rewarding when your hard work starts to pay off and your audience numbers start to climb!

So, how do we spark that blog growth? How do we connect with our readers and show them that we can help solve their problems, provide value, and maybe even change their life for the better?

Grab a coffee and a notepad, because we’ve outlined seven steps you can take toward real blog growth in 2024.



Go Back to Basics

One of the best ways to grow your blog is to go back to basics. Why did you start your blog? Do you have a wealth of knowledge to share with the world? Does your quick wit and insight allow you to connect with others just like you? Did you develop a service or product and use your blog to help take your audience on a journey?

Whatever the original purpose of your blog was – 2024 is the year to let go of everything holding you back and re-kickstart your blog’s growth.

Reinvigorating blog growth by slimming down the clutter that all blogs get bogged down with is one small step that makes a big difference, (if 2024 is the year you start a blog, do yourself a favor by committing to a high-quality, low-clutter blog from the very beginning.) 

Go through your blog and keep an eye out for the following common mishaps that can happen to a blog that’s been around the block:

  • Blog posts that are out of date or out of touch
  • Broken, unnecessary, or redundant links
  • References to services or products no longer relevant
  • Clunky navigation systems
  • Scope creep’ where you expand beyond your niche in a way that’s not working

Next, take the time to look at your blog with a fresh set of eyes. Ask yourself, ‘what value does this offer my audience?’ when it comes to every article, page and feature on your site.

If you take the time to give your blog a good spring cleaning (or a squeaky clean start), you can work on building sustainable growth in your traffic, followers, and income.

Get Your Goals in Order

If you’ve ever been on a road trip with kids (or as a kid yourself), you know the irritation that only asking ‘are we there yet?’ can cause. It’s even more frustrating to ask that question when you don’t know where you’re going.

That’s why writing your goals down is so critical for the growth of your blog. You have to know where you’re going to keep yourself from getting frustrated.

A lot of blogging is guesswork, hard work, and trial and error. On the days you’d rather be anywhere else but sitting at your computer nursing cold coffee and trying to write a blog post, it helps to have a list of goals you wrote while you were in a much better mood.

So, what does blog growth look like to you? Is it a traffic number, income goal, or merely a tool to get you into the swing of publishing regularly? Whatever your goals are, it helps to have them. Pin them on your wall or your fridge, but keep them in mind every time you sit down to work on your blog. If you need a little extra motivation, get your audience involved. Income reports are an excellent way to bring curious readers to your blog.

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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

It can take time for your work to set your blog’s growth in motion, but with time and consistency, you’ll begin to see results. Bloggers who see the most growth – in their traffic, income, and recognition – are often those who aren’t afraid to try something new. 

Be the blogger who’s willing to take a leap to make it to your goal! Always be on the lookout for ways you can engage, entertain, or inform your target audience. Once you’re in the habit of writing and managing your blog with your ideal reader in mind, you’ll be on your way to long term blog growth.



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