Your Guide To The Different Types Of Facebook Ads In 2023

For as little as $10 per day, you can see massive results with the different types of Facebook ads, but only if you know how to use each one effectively. Here’s how to pick the right type of Facebook ad for your marketing goals

Want the 26% of users who make purchases from Facebook ads to scoop up your products and services?

Then you need to become a master of the platform!

For as little as $10 per day, you can see massive results with the different types of Facebook ads, but only if you know how to use each one effectively.

Ready to dive into the wondrous world of Facebook advertising? Let’s go!

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What Are The Different Types of Facebook Ads?

Post Engagement Facebook Ads

Facebook ads

Want to give your feed posts an extra boost in the algorithm? Then post engagement is the Facebook ad type for you.

You can drive engagement (likes, comments, and shares) to a defined audience. It will help you generate buzz and help you grow your followers.

Each ad will feature a ‘like page’ button, making it easy for you to grow your reach and engagement all in one post.


Instant Experience Facebook Ads

Different type of Facebook ads

Instant Experience is one of the more unique types of Facebook ads.

While other ad placements sit in the feed, an Instant Experience expands to full-screen after someone taps on the ad on a mobile device.

It’s an incredibly engaging and visual way to highlight your brand, products, or services. 

Inside the Instant Experience, you can use videos, add an image carousel, embed a form, and get people shopping with tagged products.

Want to keep people engaged for longer? You can double up on Instant Experiences to keep users discovering more content from your brand.

Placement Options:

https://www.plannthat.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Post-Engagement-Facebook-Ads.pngInstagram feed

Facebook feed

Facebook Ad Dimensions for Instant Experience

Video Design Specs:

• https://www.plannthat.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Post-Engagement-Facebook-Ads.pngRatio: 9:16 to 16:9

• Video File Size: 4GB Max

• Video Length Minimum: 1 second

• Video Length Maximum: 240 Minutes

• Vertical videos (with aspect ratio taller than 2:3) may be masked to 2:3



Schedule Your Facebook Content

Now that you’re an expert on the different types of Facebook Ads, it’s time to master your organic posting schedule.

Use Plann to quickly and seamlessly post to your Facebook Page. With the ‘Strategy’ feature, you can make sure that every post is aligned with your content pillars and is growing your audience of raving fans.

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