Looking for an UNUM alternative?

Plann is a multi-award-winning Instagram Scheduling, Strategy and Analytics app that makes all aspects of Instagram management easy by giving you tools designed to grow your audience and create content they will love.

If you’re looking for an Unum alternative that powers your visual marketing needs as your Instagram account grows, you’ve come to the right place.

Join over 500,000 people just like you who use and love the Plann app for scheduling Instagram feed and Instagram Stories content, reposting in-app for free, and monitoring Instagram analytics. And the best bit about Plann? It’s 100% free to create your account today.

Instagram Planning App PlannInstagram Planning App for Android


Plann offers Instagram Scheduling, Strategy and Analytics tools for both Android and iOS users. UNUM on the other hand only offer their app on iOS devices.

Plann also offers the capability to design, edit, and schedule Instagram feed posts and Instagram Stories content all within the one app. These features will help you to simplify your Instagram marketing process by doing it all within one program.

PLANN and UNUM both offer super helpful resources and tools for planning, managing and optimizing your Instagram content using drag+drop grid layouts. These apps are perfect for creatives and business owners alike.

With Plann you can manage multiple Instagram accounts at once and even invite your team members for collaborative Instagram marketing efforts. UNUM, on the other hand, doesn’t offer team sharing and only offer a very basic variety of tools for their users.

PLANN and UNUM have quite a few differences – differences worth noting here so that you can make the best and most-informed decision for you and your Instagram account.

Let’s dive into a full-length comparison of UNUM and PLANN’s features.

  • Features
    • Schedule Instagram Feed Posts
    • Schedule Instagram Stories
    • Visually Plan Instagram Grid
    • Hashtag Manager
    • Full-Feature Photo Editor
    • Advanced Instagram Analytics
    • Instagram Reposting
    • Instagram Strategy Planning
    • Available on iOS
    • Available on Android
    • How Many Accounts Can You Manage?
    • How Many Team Members Can You Have?
    • Pricing
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    • blank
    • blank
    • blank
    • blank
    • blank
    • blank
    • Free - $12/month
  • UNUM
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    • $20 - $100/month

Thinking about Switching from UNUM to PLANN?

Here’s 3 Questions to Consider First



1. Do Their Support Team Go Above and Beyond to Help You Succeed?


PLANN offers a dedicated remote and local support team who are just a message away. You can contact Plann’s support team right inside the Plann app and send screenshots through a contact button. Other ways to contact Plann including via social media and through the Plann website – our team can even offer Instagram tips to help you succeed.

UNUM can only offer basic support for their users on social media and via a contact form on their website.



2. Do You Have the Features You Need?


You can download the PLANN app and enjoy all of Plann’s PRO features (including repost and full Instagram analytics) from just $4/month. Isn’t that a steal?!

With a Plann PRO subscription, you’ll have access to everything you need to grow your Instagram following, create incredible Instagram content that gets attention, and you’ll know exactly what is working well for you with Plann’s in-depth analytics.

This is a great reason why Plann is the perfect UNUM alternative for anyone wanting to take their Instagram account seriously. Check out Plann’s pricing here.



3. Do You Get The Data You Need?


With Plann you can access your Instagram account analytics at the touch of a button. Inside the Plann app, you’ll be able to discover your best performing content, your best hashtags, and even your best color scheme to really take your Instagram account to the next level.

Even better than that, with Plann you can search any public Instagram user and discover their Instagram analytics too! And the best bit? They won’t know that you did that. Huzzah!

Did you need another reason why Plann is a great UNUM alternative? Well, here it is!


Brands That Use + Love Plann

Brands That Use Plann App

I love this app!

Plann helps me feel on top of my Instagram game and allows me to be thoughtful and intentional with my plan for the week.

Plus, when I sit down to plan out an entire week of posts, I’m spending way less time trying to get past writer’s block or wondering what I should post next.
It helps me to see the big picture on Instagram and allows me to be intentional, strategic and have fun with it all without the pressure of posting in real time.

Plann also has awesome analytics and lets you know when to post, what hashtags are moving the needle the most, and what your top recent posts have been.’

@jennakutcher | 500k+ followers

So, UNUM or Plann?


At the end of the day, the final decision is up to you. But here are a final few things you might like to know.

Plann exists to empower people just like you to do what they love, whether that be running a business, exploring their creative talents or writing a passionate blog – we’re here to help lift some of the pressure off your shoulders.

Christy Laurence, the founder of Plann, used creativity to battle through the recovery of freak brain trauma, eventually leaving her day-job to design this nifty app to help others make a living doing what they love.

We’re also a completely self-funded app that has been built from the ground up with grit, passion, and a mission to help everyone and anyone create success for themselves with Instagram.

Whether you decide to join the Plann family now, or someday in the future, we’re here and waiting to welcome you with open arms.


Team Plann


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