Dropbox has let us know they’re currently experiencing a server outage that is affecting Plann users.
They’re unfortunately showing your files as empty when they’re definitely not.

Our Dropbox service will automatically restore back to normal when their servers are back up and running.
We appreciate your patience and suggest emailing your work to yourself in the mean time.

Once you’ve finished your 5 day PREMIUM trial, you’ll automatically be placed onto our free LITTLE plan.
You can still experience how Plann can help you and be able to schedule 10 images per month.

Please note: if you’ve Plann’d more than one Instagram gallery and you’ve not upgraded by the end of the free trial, we are unable to store or hold your additional accounts – these will be lost.
There is no way we can retrieve them so we highly recommend upgrading before the end of your trial to avoid any heartbreak </3

In order to make your life easier, we’re constantly updating and adding to our walkthrough videos as new features are built.
You can visit them anytime via the Apps MENU, or simply visit our WALKTHROUGHS now.

Is there something you’re unsure of, not sure how to use, or want us to create a video so you can understand how to best use it?
Let us know by shaking your phone inside the app and sending through a request! We love your messages and read all of them.

*sigh. Sometimes technology doesn’t go as smoothly as the experience we designed for you.

I’m on a paid Plann and I lost images?
In some very rare occasions, your Plann might experience a temporary loss of communication with our servers, and need a ‘kickstart’.

How do I get them back?
Simply logout of your Instagram account, then log back in.
Click on your username in the main gallery and you’ll notice a circle with a line through it, this is the logout button, click this to logout.

Logging back in should re-establish your connection with Plann’s global server network and bring your work back.

Didn’t work? We’re here to help.
Send a message through the app from the CONTACT US button – Chris or Carly will be there to help within 24hrs Mon-Sat.

Run into something that isn’t working properly, or getting a crash?
Every Plann update includes performance updates, but as we support over 10,000 devices sometimes we can miss something.

If you’re experiencing any crashes or performance problems, we’d love to know about it (so we can get rid of it!).
Please send us a message through the app, it tells us heaps of information about your device, and what steps you were taking when it happened so we can look into it for you straight away.

If for some reason the app does not allow you to send it, please email support@plannthat.com with screenshots, what type of device you are using and the steps you were taking when something went wrong. Chris or Carly will be there to help within 24hrs Mon-Sat.


For example, if you’re running both iPhone and an iPad you can definitely sync your Plann across them both.

All paid users automatically have access to our global server network, allowing everything to be backed up and shared across your devices.
Simply log into Plann on your other device and you’ll see your images, captions, hashtags and scheduled times appear like magic.

Tried it and it’s not working?
– Ensure you’re upgraded on any of our paid plans (they start from as low as $3!)
– Make sure you’re using the same ID across both devices, it’s how Apple and Google know you’ve purchased.
– If you’re having trouble syncing across iOS and Android, please get in touch via the app and we’ll help you out, Google and Apple aren’t the best of friends sometimes!

Still having trouble?
Send us a message through the app and we’ll get right on it!

It’s incredibly easy to set up a team with Plann!

1. All Team Members download Plann and login as the shared Instagram handle.

2. Team Members upgrade their Plann to any of our paid subscriptions.

That’s it!

All team members will instantly have access to images, captions, hashtags and scheduled times.
The best part is that unlike others, we won’t charge you US$20-$80 a year for the same ‘team feature’.

Why? As Plann is an app (and technically owned/sold by Google and Apple), they need each device ID to upgrade at this stage.
(For complete transparency: We’re looking to support a ‘Plann Account’ in the future so you can have ‘users’ underneath your handle however this will increase the price.)

Please Note: Plann will sync to the ‘last person to update anything’, so please be careful if you’ve got it open together not to lose any work.

The LOGIN screen is a screen from Instagram, you’re logging into their database so we can access your previous 20 images and unfortunately we have no control over them saying your password is wrong.
Firstly, please follow Instagrams troubleshooting guide for how to reset your password.

If you are adamant that you are using the correct password, here are the reasons we’ve learned that could fix it:

–  Have you recently changed your password and currently using other apps logged into Instagram with the old password?
(the permissions are remembering your old password so you’ll need to update all apps).

– Clear the Cache on your phone, we’ve heard this helps.
– Make sure your Instagram App is completely updated.
– Login to Instagram on your desktop and check the permissions you’ve given to other programs/apps, are some of these using the old password, or do you need to remove any?

If you’re still having trouble, please contact Instagram directly for troubleshooting. 

Once you ‘post’ to Instagram, Plann will remove your image after 5 minutes from the gallery.

We’ve have worked with Instagram to display your 18 most recent live images inside Plann, and once you’ve posted, your image will now be shown in this range.

The reason we’ve allowed 5 minutes is because there are chances you might be logged into the wrong Instagram account, or for any reason you’ve been distracted, so we allowed a few extra minutes so there is no extra stress at posting time.

– Logging out and back in again with Plann is usually our first step to troubleshooting, however our server is not quite finished and by doing so there is a high risk you will lose any work you have saved so only do this as a last resort (our server isn’t too far away so if you can wait, please do).

– You’ve changed your password on Instagram but you’re still ‘logged in’ with Instagram over a range of other apps/programs.
The authentication you’ve given is now old, and you’ll need to unlink all of your apps linked to instagram, re-add them back including Plann and use the new password.

– Not using the most up-to-date operating system.
In order for Instagram to run, they don’t allow older operating systems ‘login’ as easily as others. Please make sure you’re up-to-date with your Apple or Android updates.

– You’re not in strong enough internet service for Plann and Instagram to be able to talk to each other.

– Instagram could possibly be running updates and causing a disruption to our service.
If this is a problem coming from us, we will let you know here.

Instagram does NOT allow 3rd party tools to post on your behalf.

It is against their terms of service and known to compromise your account. At Plann we couldn’t sleep at night if we put you at risk so we’ve found a handy workaround that sends you a prompt to post at crucial times.

p.s. we’ve tested ‘posting-and-running’ and engagement rates plummeted.
We don’t think automatic posting is going to be a quick fix to grow an account.

We worked with Instagram to make sure you can see your most recent 18 live posts so you can see your whole feed at a glance.

The images are directly mirrored from Instagram servers (in essence we are just borrowing your images from there) so there is no way to ‘re-arrange’ live images.

Plann works in real time so if you want to change your Instagram feed – Plann will update automatically.

We’ve made it easy to tell images apart between Instagram or Plann (other than the fact they don’t move), is that they don’t have a corner tag.

Want to remove (or change!) the notification of a scheduled post?

Simply hold down the clock icon and you’ll notice a ‘REMOVE’ popup.
Pushing this will remove the scheduled time, and if the post is overdue, it will also remove the red bubble sitting on the app on your phones home screen.

Seen someone’s work you’d like to share with your own audience? Sure!
Simply take a screenshot and upload it into Plann, you’ll be able to see the username and original caption to be able to craft your own message.

Note: we are working on a specific REPOST feature and it will be available in a future update. 

Plann was originally designed for the busy person on the go and right now is mobile only.

We’ve definitely not ruled out desktop, Plann is only a few months old and we’re right at the beginning – smartphones is where we are starting and we love having you here as part of our journey.

Before reporting this as an issue, please make sure you have allowed permissions for Plann to send you notifications.
To double check, visit your devices SETTINGS > APP PERMISSIONS > PLANN and make sure they’re turned on.Additionally, if you’re really low on battery, some devices decide to turn off notifications in order to preserve your battery life.

I need more accounts, how can I move to a bigger plan?

Simply choose the bigger option you need, Apple/Google will automatically upgrade your Plann subscription.

I don’t need as many accounts anymore, how do I move to a smaller plan?

Visit your Apple iTunes or Google Play store settings in order to remove your subscription which you can find on your device or in your dashboard.
(We recommend waiting until the end of your billing month.)

Once removed, visit Plann again and choose the new plan that’s right for you.

How do I remove a subscription?

If you no longer need Plann, we’ll be sad to see you go!

You’ll need to visit your iTunes or Google Play account to remove your subscription to Plann and say your final goodbye.

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Choose your Apple ID > Subscriptions > Plann
To find out more on viewing, changing or cancelling Apple subscriptions, visit the Apple support page.


Google Play Store > Account > Subscriptions
To find out more on viewing, changing or cancelling Google Subscriptions, visit the Google support page.

Plann is available to purchase via the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.
Technically, Plann is a product of each app store and subscriptions are managed via each platform.

If you have any questions, after a receipt or need to change your payment details etc, please visit your profile with your respective provider.

Alternatively, here are more details on how subscriptions work.

Settings > iTunes & App Store > Choose your Apple ID > Subscriptions > Plann
To find out more on viewing, changing or cancelling Apple subscriptions, visit the Apple support page.


Google Play Store > Account > Subscriptions
To find out more on viewing, changing or cancelling Google Subscriptions, visit the Google support page.

We’d be thrilled to help!
Visit our MEDIA page and just ask for some beautiful high-res imagery or anything else you need.

Think Plann is missing something that you desperately need, or something that could be better?

While you have Plann open, simply shake your device to send us a message!
We do our best to respond to everyone but if you don’t hear back, don’t stress, we read every single one of them and love hearing what you need.

Christy Laurence from Sydney, Australia had a vision to create a beautifully simplistic planning tool for a beautifully visual platform.

With no app experience, she left her job as an Advertising Executive (and night-time illustrator) to build Plann on her own, apart from her husband Tim who sometimes jumps in to help with customer support and shoulder massages during late nights.

With an enormous amount of passion, drive and commitment to the creative industry, Christy has taught herself UI/UX to design the app herself, manages the Plann customer support inbox single-handedly, writes most of the blog posts, creates her own photography content and still manages to respond to almost every comment on her Instagram feed.

After Plann won 4 awards in 2016, and Christy winning ‘Australasian Startup Founder of The Year 2016’ with StartCon, the sky is the limit and we’re all looking forward to seeing what’s next.
If you’d like to be part of Christy’s journey and interested in BETA testing new updates and products, we’d love to hear from you!

Email hello@plannthat.com and we’ll let you know how you can help, because by being apart of our journey – we’ll do our best to help you with yours.