How To Keep Your Socials On Track With A Remote Team

With the right approach, your socials can not only survive in these challenging times, but actually thrive and grow! Read on for 5 tips for keeping your socials pumping along with a remote team.

More of us are working remotely than ever before. Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant, running your own marketing agency or working in-house as a social media manager, you need to have the right systems in place to create, review and manage your social media content. 

Even with a remote team, you can easily develop systems to collaborate effectively and develop engaging social media content. 

Not sure where to start? Keep reading to discover four simple tips to keep your social pumping with a remote team.


Get on the same page

Does your remote team have a clear social media strategy in place to guide your marketing efforts? If not, now is the time to get your plan in place!

With a social media strategy, you can make sure your entire team is working towards the same goals and objectives. Plus, you can ensure every post you create is aligned with your brand voice, visual identity and links to a specific content theme or pillar.

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Start by lining up a call with your entire team to review your existing strategy, figure out your current priorities and get everyone on the same page. Then, you can use Plann’s in-built strategy features to figure out the mix of content you’re going to use to hit your social media goals.

Leverage the best tools

With a remote team, it’s even more important to have dependable, market-leading tools in place. Here at Plann, we’ve built our entire platform to support remote teams, freelancers and agencies to create content, no matter where they’re working from. 

Our suite of social media scheduling tools work across multiple devices and allow multiple users to collaborate on the same content. 

In fact, our team collab tools are purpose-built to allow for effortless team collaboration. From our in-built chat function through to our approval flows, Plann gives your remote team the ability to work together, comment on posts in real-time and never miss a deadline.

Streamline your content creation

When it comes to collaborating on your socials, you’ll want to make sure everyone is clear on who is posting what, when. Otherwise, you might end up with too many chef’s in the (metaphorical) kitchen, which can lead to content double-ups or a messy grid. So, a clear workflow is essential! 

Rather than just posting on the fly, it tends to work best if you use an app like Plann to create your content ahead in batch. Then, depending on your team, you could have a set person who sources the imagery, another who writes the captions, another who schedules and so forth.

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