10 Social Media Workflow Hacks That Will Save You HOURS Of Time

Achieve next-level organization with these workflow hacks

Designing a beautiful feed! Collaborating with others! Making memes!

There are a few parts of social media that are fun and exciting…

Unfortunately, unless you happen to be Lesley Knope from Parks and Recreation’s level of type A, ‘organizing your social media workflow’ probably doesn’t fall into the category.

But, it’s incredibly important!

Because, it’s something that you can do in less than an hour that will save you literal HOURS down the track.

The result? You’ll feel less like “Argh, where the heck did I save that image??” and more “Ahhh, that’s better!”

Fom uploading and sorting your images and videos to streamlining your content creation, we’ve rounded up 10 social media workflow hacks that will save you oodles of time.

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What we cover

  • Import like a pro
  • Create your collections
  • Tag your collections
  • Pick your faves
  • Add notes
  • Repurpose from the archives
  • Pre-select your content pillars
  • Set up graphic templates
  • Save hashtag sets
  • Post on autopilot

How To Plan A Week Of Posts In 20 Minutes
How To Plan A Week Of Posts In 20 Minutes

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