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“Sus” is slang for “suspicious”, often used to describe something or someone that seems untrustworthy or deceitful in online communication.

“Sus” meaning refers to a slang term derived from “suspicious,” often used to describe something or someone that seems questionable or untrustworthy.

How is Sus Used On Social Media?

On social media, “sus” is commonly used to express suspicion or skepticism about something or someone. It’s often used in comments, captions, or replies to convey doubt or mistrust. For example, if someone shares a questionable story or makes a dubious claim, others might reply with “sus” to indicate that they find it suspicious. Similarly, if someone’s behavior seems deceitful or shady, others might describe it as “sus.” Overall, “sus” is a shorthand way to express skepticism or distrust in online interactions.

Where does the term Sus Originate?

It’s tough to pinpoint the exact beginnings of “sus” beyond its abbreviation for “suspicious.” However, its widespread popularity surged in 2020, largely due to its common usage in the video game “Among Us”, where players try to identify the imposter. This multiplayer game catapulted “sus” into mainstream usage, solidifying its place in online communication and gaming culture.


The term “sus” became central to gameplay in “Among Us” as players used it to discuss and accuse others of suspicious behavior. For example, if someone noticed another player acting strangely or not completing tasks, they might say “That player is acting sus,” indicating their suspicion that the player could be the impostor. As the game relies heavily on social deduction and communication, “sus” became a key element in strategizing and navigating the game’s dynamics.

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