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Spam is unsolicited and often repetitive messages, typically advertising or irrelevant content, sent indiscriminately to a large number of recipients.

What is Spam? Spam refers to unwanted or unsolicited messages, typically sent in bulk, often via email, text messages, or social media platforms. These messages usually contain advertising, promotions, or links to websites, and they are often sent to a large number of recipients indiscriminately.

How is Spam used on Social Media?

On social media, spam is like those annoying ads or messages that keep popping up when you’re trying to scroll through your feed. It’s like when you see the same advertisement over and over again, or when you get messages from accounts you don’t know, asking you to click on weird links. Basically, it’s stuff you didn’t ask for and don’t really want, and it can be super annoying! For example, imagine you’re on Instagram, and suddenly your feed is filled with posts about diet pills from accounts you’ve never heard of before—that’s spam!


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