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Say Less

A slang term used on social media to express enthusiastic agreement, understanding, or approval without needing further explanation.

“Say Less” has emerged as a popular slang term. It’s a concise way to convey agreement, understanding, or approval without needing to elaborate.

Understanding “Say Less”:

  • Origin: The exact origin of “Say Less” is unclear, but it’s believed to have roots in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and hip-hop culture.
  • Meaning: It essentially signifies “I hear you,” “I agree,” “I’m on board,” or “Sounds good.”
  • Context: “Say Less” is often used in response to a suggestion, invitation, or statement you find appealing.

Examples of Using “Say Less”:

  • Friend: “Hey, wanna grab coffee this weekend?”
  • You: “Say Less! Let’s do it.” ( = I’d love to, sounds good!)
  • Online post: “This new pizza place downtown is amazing!”
  • Comment: “Say Less. Gotta try it this week!” ( = I agree, I’ll check it out)

Alternatives to “Say Less”:

While “Say Less” is widely understood, here are some alternatives depending on the context:

  • I’m down! ( = I agree and I’m interested)
  • Sounds good! ( = A simple and positive response)
  • Count me in! ( = I’d like to participate)
  • Let’s do it! ( = Expresses enthusiasm and agreement)


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