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A term used on social media to describe a post that generates significantly more negative or critical responses (comments) compared to positive engagement (likes).

In the realm of social media, “ratio” refers to a situation where a post or comment garners a much larger number of replies (comments) than likes. This imbalance in engagement metrics is often interpreted as a sign of negativity or disapproval from the audience.

Understanding Ratioing:

  • When someone shares a post that sparks controversy or disagreement, others might respond with comments expressing their opposing views.
  • If the number of replies significantly outweighs the likes, the post is considered “ratioed.”
  • This can be a way for users to publicly voice their disapproval of the original content’s message.

Why Ratio?

People resort to ratioing for several reasons:

  • Highlighting Disagreement: A way to publicly express strong opposition to the original post’s message.
  • Negative Feedback: Flooding the post with critical comments to showcase disapproval.

Mockery and Humor: Turning the tables and making the original poster appear foolish by the lack of positive engagement.


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