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No Cap

“No cap” is a slang term that means “no lie” or “for real.” It is used to emphasize that someone is telling the truth or being genuine.

What does no cap mean? “No cap” means “no lie” or “for real.” It’s slang used to emphasize honesty and truthfulness. Discover the meaning and usage of “no cap” in our Plann social media glossary.

How is no cap used on Social Media

On social media, “no cap” is used to indicate sincerity or authenticity in a statement. It’s often used to emphasize that what’s being said is true, without exaggeration or deception. People might use it in captions, comments, or during live streams to convey honesty or to underscore the legitimacy of their experiences or opinions. For instance, someone might post a photo of a delicious meal with the caption “Best tacos in town, no cap,” indicating they genuinely believe the tacos are excellent without any exaggeration.


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