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EOW (End Of Week)

An abbreviation commonly used to denote the end of the workweek, typically Friday afternoon.

EOW stands for “End of Week.” It’s a widely used abbreviation in business communication, particularly online environments, to refer to the close of the workweek, usually on Friday afternoon.

Where is EOW Commonly Used?

EOW is frequently used in:

  • Internal communication: Company emails, project management tools, or internal social media platforms.
  • Deadlines: “Submit your reports by EOW” indicates a deadline at the end of the workweek.
  • Meetings: “Let’s schedule a follow-up meeting for EOW” means scheduling a meeting for the following Friday.

Benefits of Using EOW:

  • Brevity: EOW is a quick and efficient way to communicate deadlines or timeframes.
  • Clarity: The abbreviation is widely understood in professional settings, avoiding confusion.

Alternatives to EOW:

While EOW is common, here are some alternatives depending on the context:

  • Friday Afternoon: More formal and explicit.
  • Close of Business (COB): COB is an abbreviated term for the official end of the workday.

Is EOW Appropriate for Social Media?

EOW is generally appropriate for professional social media contexts, like communicating with colleagues or clients on LinkedIn. However, for broader social media audiences, it’s better to use more widely understood terms like “Friday” or “end of the week.”


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