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Cap is common Gen Z slang. It essentially means ‘a lie’.

What does cap mean?

In Gen Z slang, “cap” means a lie. When someone says “no cap,” it means they are telling the truth or being genuine. The no cap meaning emphasizes honesty, like saying “I’m serious, no cap.” On the other hand, if someone says “that’s cap,” they are saying “that’s a lie.”

How is Cap used on social media?

“Cap” is commonly used on social media to call out lies or exaggerations. For example, if someone posts an unbelievable story on their social media account, others might comment “cap” to suggest it’s not true. Conversely, saying “no cap” before or after a statement emphasizes that they are being truthful. This term is frequently used in memes, tweets, and comments to highlight honesty or call out deception in a casual, conversational way.

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