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Bitmoji is a cartoon avatar that can be used to express yourself in chats, social media posts, and even merchandise!

What is Bitmoji? Bitmoji is your cartoon doppelganger! This mobile app lets you create a personalized emoji avatar to express yourself in chats, social media, and even on merchandise.

How to Make a Bitmoji

Creating your Bitmoji is easy! Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Download the Bitmoji App: Available for free on iOS and Android devices.
  2. Take a Selfie (Optional): The app can use your selfie as a base for your avatar, but it’s not mandatory.
  3. Customize Your Avatar: Choose from a vast selection of features to create your Bitmoji twin.
  4. Express Yourself! Use your Bitmoji in chats, social media posts, or even order custom merchandise featuring your avatar.

Bitmoji Ideas

Feeling uninspired? Here are some ideas to get your Bitmoji creativity flowing:

  • Match Your Style: Dress your Bitmoji in your favorite clothes and accessories.
  • Show Your Mood: Bitmojis offer a range of expressions to reflect your current mood.
  • Recreate Scenes: Use Bitmojis to add a personal touch to your social media posts.
  • Get Creative!: The possibilities are endless! Use your Bitmoji to express yourself in unique and fun ways.

💡 Pro Tip! Link your Bitmoji account to other apps and platforms to unlock a wider range of customization options and functionalities.



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